21 Day Metabolic Cleanse

 Next Local Cleanse: Starts in September 2017, TBD 

Also: Available Online/Anytime, NOW


Described as, “a clarity of thought, energy and emotion… a clean, light and energized sensation that permeates your body and then your life.”

Participants agree, “The Metabolic Cleanse is so much more than you can imagine.” “You gain a sense of being in control of your health and your life.” “I can’t explain it. It’s like you’re no longer along for the ride, or just getting by… with your health or life.” “You just have to experience it.”



Drs. Sherri and Stockton Jacobs designed a personalized lifestyle program that engages and enhances your body’s inherent desire to heal and thrive. The result is a program that’s described as “engaging”, “actually quite easy” and “definitely life-changing.” The benefit of their medical training and extensive clinical experience is a program that gets results.

“It is the height of artistry and craft when something so elegantly simple delivers such transformative power from within it.”

They did all the work, all the research, all the science… so you don’t have to. Surprising to many, results start happening after the very first day.



“They taught me how to listen to and understand my body’s cues and then make the right choices and changes to resolve my health complaints.”

No longer will you need to experience weight gain, fatigue, cravings, insomnia, chronic pain, energy crashes, skin conditions, headaches, gas/bloat, hormone swings, irritability, allergies… the list goes on. These are the symptoms of a damaged and struggling metabolism. The Metabolic Cleanse goes right at the foundation of these issues and resolves them. Radiant health simply flourishes as a result.



  • Weekly trainings on the keys to abundant health and identifying your health saboteurs
  • What you need to eat and why – Specific, yet, dynamic to accommodate your unique tastes
  • 21 Days of advanced nutrients to enhance detoxification and metabolic efficiency
  • Simple daily lifestyle routines for a clean burning and efficient metabolism
  • How to balance essential hormones and reset your metabolic fire
  • Special protocols for individual health goals and unique lifestyles
  • Recipes, grocery list, cooking tips
  • Insights into detoxifying your home and your life
  • Online member portal with exclusive access to resources and the Drs. Jacobs
  • Action plan for develop your “forever” diet for Day 22 and beyond.
  • Locals receive daily detox services through Frank and Gray for 21 days… absolutely free.
  • So much more…


So… “What is the 21 Day Metabolic Cleanse?

The 21 Day Metabolic Cleanse unleashes the body’s natural desire to heal and thrive.  To understand how to get the most out of your unique physiology and find your unique sweet spot of health, you need to understand YOU.

You need to know how to eat, exercise, detoxify, and change essential lifestyle habits that switch your metabolism from survival to “thrival.” Ebook HEC To understand the key aspects of this switch consider your body’s cues.  The laundry list of “survival” or “just getting by” symptoms includes weight gain, fatigue, insomnia, energy crashes, cravings, chronic pain, sinus congestion, headaches, skin issues, gas/bloat, hormone imbalance, bags under eyes, irritability, depression… sound familiar?

These symptoms reflect an impaired and struggling metabolism (your base physiology). They are very common but they are NOT normal.

The Cleanse will reveal why these symptoms are so common and how you can break free from them starting with your next meal.  So, “thrival” health, by comparison, is characterized by a clarity of thought, emotion and energy.  It’s a clean, light, efficient and pain-free sensation that fills your body.  There’s a sense of being in control of your health instead of “just getting by” or perhaps “just along for the ride.”

The 21 Day Metabolic Cleanse delivers little-known tips, tricks and skills that elite health experts use personally and recommend to their clients and loved ones.  It is ideal for all stages of health and was created to meet all participants at their unique starting point.  It’s for those just starting out on their health journey and those taking their health to the next level… from paleo to vegan, nutrition-newbie to elite tri-athlete.  Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Weekly classes on the keys to “Thrival” health
  • Specific, yet dynamic, nutrition program (what YOU need to eat and why)
  • Special protocols for individual health goals, unique lifestyles
  • How to balance key hormones to reset your metabolism
  • Simple eating habits of elite health experts
  • 21+ days worth of advanced nutrients to enhance detoxification and metabolic efficiency
  • Simple daily lifestyle routines essential for a clean, efficient metabolism
  • To identify the everyday “healthy” foods that may not work with your unique physiology
  • How to develop your “forever” nutrition plan
  • Online group support for sharing ideas, insights, challenges, solutions and motivation
  • Cleanse approved recipes, grocery list, cooking tips, videos and more
  • Insights into how to detoxify your home and your life
  • And more……

What this program is NOT:

  • Calorie restrictive or deprivation-type program
  • A laxative or bowel cleanse type program
  • A weight-loss program.  While 80-85% of clients experience a healthy weight loss, it is not designed as such.  It’s just a welcome “side-effect” of a clean-burning metabolism and is experienced by most individuals with unhealthy weight to lose.  We believe you get healthy to lose weight not the other way around.  Of those that have weight to lose, the average weight loss is 8 pounds during the 3 week program.  The most we’ve seen in 3 weeks is 29 pounds.  There is no reason why the weight loss can’t extend beyond the 3 weeks… that’s up to you and your body’s needs.

This program always fills up so, Sign Up Today to Reserve your Spot!

{Remember, if you’re not local, the times/dates don’t work for you, or you just want to do it on your own… you can do the entire program anytime/anywhere online.  Just select this option at checkout and we’ll set you up. Learn: How the Online 21 Day Metabolic Cleanse Works.}

21 Day Metabolic Cleanse FAQ Interview
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Next Local Cleanse:

Starts in September 2017, TBD

Also: Available Online/Anytime, NOW

Learn what others have to say about the Cleanse:  Visit our success stories page!!

Not local? Group times do not fit into your schedule? Complete Program is now available online. Learn: How the Online 21 Day Metabolic Cleanse works.

A bit more about why:   During the 21 Day Metabolic Cleanse we will support ourselves and each other in taking an important step towards better health and longevity. Every single one of us, no matter how well we eat or try to live a healthy lifestyle, carries a heavy burden of toxins. Some of these toxins are created by our own bodies during the normal process of metabolism while a large number of toxins are taken in from our environment—from processed foods, polluted air and water, industrial byproducts, chemicals in our furniture and homes, and more. This is why it is critical that we regularly detoxify to keep ourselves feeling and looking our best. Join us and experience vibrant health through total body cleansing. So to begin, let’s celebrate eating REAL food!

Included in the program: *Weekly Group Sessions *Discounted post-Cleanse Consults with Dr. Sherri *Metabolic Evaluation (for locals, at the beginning of the 21 Days and again at the end!) *Cleanse Manual *All supplements are included: Cleanse powder, hypoallergenic protein & detox support packets *Membership Access: Includes entire program recorded, handouts, recipes, restaurant guide~ access to Dr. Sherri’s recommended links, products, favorite recipes & post-cleanse maintenance plan!


Next Local Cleanse starts: Starts in September 2017, TBD

Classes will be held in September 2017, TBD
(Available Online/Anytime, NOW.)


We’ll announce the location when we launch.


 Because it’s time… to return to clean, vibrant health.  Ask around, this program is the real deal.


The entire Metabolic Cleanse, including the cost of classes, materials and advanced nutrients is $345.

{We offer discounts, early-bird offers and our favorite resources to our list members. Not on the list, simply send a BLANK email to 21 Day Metabolic Cleanse .}


This program always fills up so, Sign Up Today to Reserve your Spot!

{Remember, if you’re not local, the times/dates don’t work for you, or you just want to do it on your own… you can do the entire program anytime/anywhere online.  Just select this option at checkout and we’ll set you up. Learn: How the Online 21 Day Metabolic Cleanse Works.}

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