“Utilizing the raw data from genetic testing (from 23andMe) has allowed me to take individualized care to a whole new level. Along with a detailed intake, screening labs and genetic testing, we no longer have to make educated guesses at what someone needs to optimize their nutrition. We can now put all of the pieces of someone’s unique puzzle together. These advancements are a gift to individualized and effective patient care.” ~ Dr. Sherri

What is 23andMe?

23andMe is a genotyping company that provides services to help you identify your predisposition for 240+ health conditions (oh, it also does your ancestral lineage) for $199 .  That’s incredible.  Remember, we’re talking about your genes so this test will add value for the rest of your life.  The genotyping from 23andMe is only the beginning.  You can find out more about testing and the service here: 23andMe.com

What we offer at HealthE Coaching is a review and interpretation of the abundance of health information contained in the raw data (the robust information behind their results)  For us it’s truly the nectar of the report.  Read on to find out why this stuff rocks.

The Really Good Stuff’s in the Raw Data

Now, the results that you receive from 23andMe are cool, but the good stuff is in the raw data.  The raw data, consisting of about 19 pages of specifics, contains around 300 hundred comprehensive markers of your health (no wonder it takes me so long to interpret!).  This data is yours, FOREVER – remember, your genes don’t change; it’s their expression that does.  Every few months or years you can go back in and evaluate the latest research on your genetic markers and continue to individualize your program… brilliant!

By now, I’ve interpreted a lot of these tests for my patients, and guess what, they are spot on.  It’s wild when you can explain life traits and events that have never even been brought up in our sessions.  They paint an extremely detailed picture of the individual – how they process nutrients, how well they detox, where they need support and what kind of symptoms they might have… even whether you think cilantro tastes like soap or you can smell asparagus metabolites in your urine.  Who knows the value there, but you get the picture.

Methylation Defects: Time to get the word out.

I was hesitant initially with this testing because it used to take me 10-15 hours to review one person’s results.  It still takes a few hours but I can’t keep this from you anymore.  It’s time to go all in.

So, I will be taking a limited number of clients each month to analyze their raw data from their 23andMe test. This is exclusively for folks who have had an initial comprehensive visit with me.

Who needs to get the 23andMe test done?  In my experience it’s anyone with:

  • Personal or family history of cardiovascular issues
  • Infertility, or a history of miscarriage
  • Unexplained symptoms
  • Poor tollerance of medications and supplements
  • Chronic health complaints related to toxicity: skin issues, digestive problems, headaches, foggy brain, poor memory, anxiety/depression, mood disorders.
  • Methylation defect related conditions
  • Or really, the individual who wants to live long and prosper by taking their unique health to the next level. :)

How it Works:

Get the detailed genetic profile done through 23andMe.com**.  It only costs $199 but it takes about 3 weeks to get the results from the lab.  The time delay stinks but again this is an extremely detailed test.  Once you receive your results, schedule an appointment and get me the raw data.  Together, in light of your results, we’ll develop a detailed plan for you.  And, here’s the cool thing to me… your gene expression is defined by the whole of your lifestyle and therefore so is the approach to care.  We’re not talking about surgery, or meds, or who knows what.  We’re talking science-based personalized wellness care and I love that.

**Again this is only for people who have had an Initial Comprehensive Appointment with me, not just an intro phone consult.  Detailed knowledge of the individual is necessary for an accurate review of how the expression of the genes is actually affecting you and your health.

**Each day more information is published about the details and implications of these various genetic markers. As we learn more, we can go back to your panel and review – genetic markers won’t change, but our understating of them will. This $199 test will provide you with years and years of individualized care.

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