5 “Health Habits” Preventing You From Being Healthy!

5 “Healthy Habits” Keeping You From Being Healthy…

 1. You always choose the low-fat or fat free options when grocery shopping

I am a farm to table nutritionist and I strongly believe in eating as close to nature as possible. Every cell in your body is made of a bi-lipid fatty membrane and guess what- it needs healthy fats to work well! Low-fat options usually contain more sugar, go through too much processing and are not very satisfying. Choose close to nature and as always, eat in moderation. Eat to nourish!

2. You eat plenty of fruits everyday, At Least your recommended 3 servings

Vegetables are much more important than fruits and honestly, fruits contain way too much sugar for many people. Eat your veggies! Stick to your dark berries as a good fruit source and let most other fruits be treats or to satisfy a sugar craving.

3.  You make sure you eat an early dinner and do not have anything else for the rest of the evening.  If you eat too late at night, you will gain weight.

For most people, especially with impaired metabolism, going that long without food will cause a blood sugar dip in the middle of the night…leading to a cortisol rush, insomnia and we know that adds up to weight gain! Most people do better by having a small, balanced snack in the evening.

4. You eat egg white omelets to avoid elevated cholesterol.

Egg whites and egg yolks go together-like a perfect marriage and they should be eaten together (unless you have a food sensitivity). Cholesterol from your food does not increase blood cholesterol and there are specific nutrients in the yolk that help you absorb the white. Remember- eat close to nature!

5. Soy is great for hormonal balance and cancer prevention so you incorporate it into your daily meals.

Soy is highly processed and allergenic for many people. It is something we eliminate during the cleanse. If you want healthy digestion and optimal thyroid health, avoid soy products like vegan “meats”, soymilk, soy protein shakes and bars. If you are not sensitive to soy, you can find health benefits from miso and tempeh.



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