There are… 50 ways to love your liver..

50 ways to love your liver..

When I was in school, we had this creative, singer/songwriter in our program. Since we learn so much about detoxification, it was fitting when he did a fun rendition of the old classis song- “50 ways to leave your lover”—changing it to “50 ways to love your liver.” I don’t remember all the words now, but when I am getting ready for a new cleanse group, I often find myself singing the refrain.

So…on the topic of the liver—I need to tell you how important your liver is and how you should not go one day without being extremely thankful for all that it does for you.

If I thought long and hard, I probably could come up with 50 ways to improve liver function, for now, we’ll stick to the basics.

The Basics:

As you can imagine, liver biochemistry is pretty complex, but let’s break it down.

Liver detoxification is composed of 2 phases. Toxins enter phase one and are modified into smaller, more soluble components and sent to Phase2 where they are altered again for excretion out of the body.

Too many toxins and phase 1 can get “backed up” or  if phase 2 is not able to properly convert the toxins to a form that is able to be excreted, vague symptoms start to develop…

Brain fog, headaches, insomnia, nausea, chemical sensitivities, and a variety of chronic health problems have been related to toxicity issues..

This is one reason why some people are  so sensitive to their environment ( smells and chemicals, seasonal allergies, and foods–don’t get me started!)

Imbalanced phase 1 and 2 liver function causes Poor Metabolic Function (read: many different symptoms)

All I can say is—love your liver because if phase 1 and phase 2 are not in proper balance for excreting toxins—you won’t feel so good—bottom line! Check out the diagram below for a quick summary.

DaDaDa…”50 ways to love you liver” DaDaDa

Let’s start with 2 swooping ways to love your liver (with a few sub-categories)

  1. Decrease your exposure to toxins!!
    1. Organic food?
    2. Using plastics?
    3. Indoor air quality?
    4. Pharmaceuticals? How many? Are they all necessary? Talk with your Doctor.
    5. Processed foods?
    6. What is in your cosmetics? Lotions? Bath wash? Soap?
    7. What is in your cleaning products?
    8. Alcohol? Coffee? Sugar?

**all of the above add up over time—trust me!

  1. Get rid of toxins
    1. At least 1 bowel movement per day?
    2. Exercise? Breathing? Sweating?
    3. Nutrients? How well the liver metabolizes is based on nutrient intake!
    4. Green leafies daily?
    5. Comprehensive cleanse program 2-4 times per year?

Image from metametrix institute

Spring Cleanse!

Cleanse starts April 25th at 6pm!

Join us!

 Here is Mark’s success story! 

“My wife and did the cleanse with Dr. Sherri in January.  What a tremendous change for me!!!  My goals were to lose some weight and to improve my energy levels.  My daily fatigue made me feel just like those “5 Hour Energy” commercials.  In two months I have lost 30 pounds, improved all of my pre-cleanse data points, and do not have afternoon crashes anymore.  It’s not easy, but with an open mind, a little planning, and a healthy dose of determination, I was able to transform my body and my lifestyle.  We have chosen to keep gluten out of our diet and minimize dairy (Tex-Mex isn’t the same without a little cheese).   There is a vast array of food choices that we were not even aware of before working with Dr. Sherri that we now enjoy as part of our regular diet.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this cleanse to anyone looking to improve or enhance their lifestyle.”


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