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A Youth Elixir!
None of us are getting any younger and while age really doesn’t matter, quality of life does! I don’t know about you, but I want to do every little thing I can do to insure a healthy, vibrant life.
As the cooler weather approaches, warming soups should become a staple around the home. I am going to share 2 youth elixirs with you- guaranteed to create health– each in their own unique way.
One is a vegetarian option and the other is for you conscious meat eaters!
Bone broth–a traditional food–as usual, our grandmother’s know best.
Have you taken supplements like glucosamine for your joints? Hyularonic acid for wrinkles? Vitamin C for immunity?
Well you won’t find a better natural, well-absorbed supply of the above like you will find in traditional bone broths. Packed full of minerals and age defying nutrients, use these broths as base in all of your soups this winter. Sip on throughout the day like a hot tea. Report back to me as your friends start to comment on your glowing skin and abundant energy.
*caveat–please, please get a healthy source of bones from your local market or healthy grocery store. How your animal is treated and what it eats dictates how healthy it will be for you and your family!*
Vegetarian or interested in a non-animal based youth elixir?
Miso soup is my favorite. Full of healthy probiotic flora– great for your immune system (70% of your immune system is found in your gut!), B-vitamins and enzymes. I prefer people buy the paste and use small amounts in warm water. You can also sip on this throughout the day or use as a soup base. Miso as been shown to prevent cancer and protect people from radiation exposure.
*caveat- Never boil your miso! High heat will kill the enzymes and healthy bacteria.

~Where is Dr. Sherri?~

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