A simple formula:

  • YOU get what you Need To Know (the essentials)…

  • YOU get the Action Steps to make the SHIFT

  • YOU experience the Benefits.

Build Yourself HealthE… from the foundation, up.

Cut through the confusion and find the plan that works for you.
This is a 10-week experiential exploration of nutrition designed with near daily action steps to help you tailor your personal nutrition plan and Shift your health forever.

How It Works

This is a program done online in the comfort of your home. You will receive near daily emails directly from me outlining your approach to each week. You will be given the information in simple, non-medical layout with action steps to incorporate the new information into your life.  For those of you who want additional resources and materials, you will also have access to our online Add:Delete_Shift members area for additional handouts, links, referrals and more.

You will have access to some of our most valued and utilized resources and handouts we give patients in our private practice.

What you get:

  • This is an action oriented program. We give you the specifics on what changes to make… we tell you HOW to make them… you benefit. This is not simply information, it is a formula for Shifting your health.
  • This is a program which starts from the ground up and builds each week. Each week you be one step closer to understanding the power of real nutrition in a way that works for YOU.
  • What YOU need.  We deeply believe that you must discover, practice and master the plan that works for you – one that respects your struggle and story, your metabolic needs, your individual choice and delivers positive and sustainable RESULTS.  This program is designed to help with the discovery and practice; mastery is up to you.


  • Wk 1 | Set Your Table: Assess your health, your foods, and set the stage for choosing the best foods for your body. Discover your daily Metabolic CHARGE.  Find out where your shift needs to happen.
  • Wk 2 | Dig Your Digestion: The Key to health- digestion. I have said it a million times over and I feel so strongly about this, I decided it should come at the beginning of the program. Whether you have digestive problems or not, this module will give you the tools to know how foods affect you – from constipation to joint pain to low mood.  It all start with food and digestion.  Shift your thinking about digestion.
  • Wk 3 | Break(Fast): Should you eat breakfast (answer may surprise you)- When to eat and what to eat as your first meal of the day. Changing the timing and type of break(fast) will Shift the way you feel in the afternoon ie..no more blood sugar crashes and afternoon energy dips.
  • Wk 4 | Protein Perplexia: How much protein, where to find it, plant or animal? Quality protein will Shift  the way your body repairs and builds.
  • Wk 5 | Fix Your fats: Are fats good or bad? How much do you need and what kind? Fixing the type of fats you consume has the potential to SHIFT your mood, appetite, body fat and hormones!
  • Wk 6 | Carb Sweet Spot: Crave sugar and carbohydrates? Everyone has their unique “sweet spot”- this is the spot where you have good energy, stable mood and a lack of food cravings. Find your sweet spot.
  • Wk 7 | Drink to your health: We cover it all from coffee (good or bad), alcohol (good or bad), how much water to drink, smoothies? juices? teas? Shifting your beverage choices can take your health to the next level.
  • Wk 8 | Superfood Shift: Which foods increase energy, mood and libido. Simple ways to incorporate these foods into your day (and enjoy them!) that take your health to the next level.
  • Wk 9 | Stop / Go: How to move and how to rest. Learn which type of exercise is best for you and how much you need. AND, most importantly how to balance your exercise with REST. We will teach you the principles of rest based training (RBT) and the Secrets to Quality Sleep. Your movement and sleep shift your body into hormonal regulation (meaning you can slow and even reverse aging)
  • Wk 10 | Renovate Your Kitchen: Add to your pantry and Delete what you don’t need. We will lay it out for you- everything from the subtle hormone disruptors you might be using on a daily basis to label reading–we will make it simple. Shift your kitchen.
  • Bonus Week: Stress Overload: We cannot complete a Shift program without addressing how stress effects every aspect of daily life and give you the valuable tools you need to manage it.  Learn about how your adrenal glands (aka stress glands) control everything from blood sugar to hormones and Simple Solutions to keep your stress glands strong in our high stress modern lives.

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