Advanced Hormone Testing

Advanced Hormone Testing

First, as you know, we are finally in our brand new clinic! Please come by and see us at 3423 Maybank Highway, Johns Island.

I’m sending out this quick email to update everyone about one of my favorite lab tests, The DUTCH Panel. It is THE most comprehensive hormone testing available. You’ll see why when you watch the updated video I created. It’s an easy test, you can do at home. They have added some additional nutrient markers over the past few months and I thought it was time to update my video to include those!

Here you go: DUTCH Complete Panel Overview

Lastly, we want to introduce you to our new Personal Trainer here, Brittany Mabry. Brittany has come highly recommended by several of our clients and we are excited to have her in our new space. She will be working with our HER program patients and also available to anyone who wants to start a personalized, functional movement program. Welcome to the team Brittany. Check out her bio: About Brittany

**Our new clinic has space for more like-minded, established practitioners to join in the vision. If you know someone who might be a good fit, send them our way!

See you soon. In the meantime, take care of yourself,

     ~Dr. Sherri
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