An Apple A Day Keeps the Psychiatrist Away!

An Apple A Day Keeps the Psychiatrist Away!

An Apple A Day Keeps the Psychiatrist Away!

Food and mood go hand in hand. In fact, we often refer to depression as the inflamed brain. And what is the main source of inflammation  for most people?

Food…the wrong food for their body.

We know inflammation affects the health of our joints, muscles, arteries and digestive tract.

We know what it is like to feel inflammation in our body, what about our minds?

The same inflammatory mediators contributing to our inflamed bodies have similar affects in the brain.  Pro-inflammaotry cytokines released during injury, infection, nutritional deficiencies, toxins and stress are produced in the brain as well. 

Bottom line: Mental/ emotional issues have a STRONG physical foundation.


So what do we do about inflammation?

  • Anti-inflammatory diet/ hypoallergenic diet
  • Natural anti-inflammatories like curcumin (think natural medicine is not research based? Do a quick PubMed search on curcumin!), bromelain, quercitin
  • Digestive health is key (70% of our immune system resides here)
  • Avoid industrial, processed oils
  • Cleanse/detoxification/rejuvenation–whatever you want to call it. Find a program that works for you!


 Tests that may show inflammation:

Excess abdominal fat, CRP, hs-CRP, ESR, ferritin, insulin, glucose, HbA1c, and liver enzymes…but remember, inflammation is known as the “silent killer” because it does not always show up with testing.  


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