Are You in Optimal Health? Optimal Health Checklist

Although we have to be more proactive about our health than we have ever had to be in the past, optimal health is our birth right. I see people in my practice everyday that “settle” for their symptoms. They have not felt well for so long, they assume there is nothing they can do.
The health issue I see most often is a chronic feeling of not being well. People are functioning below optimal with symptoms like fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, weight gain and headaches. Inherently, we know we should be feeling better…we know we can feel better!
Health is not simply the absence of disease. Healthy people are not only free from illness, they are free from pain, have clear skin, healthy digestion, balanced emotions and vitality.
Here is a quick checklist adapted from one of my favorite women’s health books, Women, Hormones and the Menstrual Cycle, by Ruth Trickey.
How do you score?
Are you simply free from disease or are you in Optimal Health?


1. Your stature is erect and held with ease.


2. Your skin is clear, smooth and lustrous. To touch it is warm, firm and slightly moist.


3. You are within normal weight range for your age, build and height.


4. Your normal bodily processes such as digestion, evacuation of bowels, urination and menstruation proceed normally and occur without excess discomfort.


5. Your bodily excretions such as sweat, urine, feces, menstrual blood and saliva are of normal consistency and do not have unpleasant or strong odor.


6. You have a normal appetite and you feel hunger in the morning.


7. Your desire for fluids is normal, not excessive or diminished.


8. Your emotions are balanced and even. There is neither too much anger, joy, fearfulness, boldness, impulsiveness nor procrastination and your emotions are maintained in a state of equilibrium.


9. Sleep is balanced with wakefulness. Dreams are pleasant, uplifting and optimistic. You wake refreshed.


10. Your mind is quick, alert and imaginative; your memory is good.


11. Your limbs move easily, with strength and precision.


12. Your hair is lustrous, neither too thin nor too course. It grows in correct places and does not grey or fall prematurely.

* You should feel all of the is your natural state!


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