Charge UP Reveals: How YOUR Body Works... Why YOU Feel The Way You Do... and What YOU Can Do About It.



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  • How Your Body Works

    Develop a new understanding of health, why so many practitioners have it wrong and learn from your body’s cues how YOUR body works.

  • Why You Feel The Way You Do

    You’ve been told you’re fine even though you feel like dirt.  We’ll help you identify the missing pieces to your health puzzle.

  • What You Can Do About It

    You’re unique and that’s something to love about YOU.  Successful programs need to respect that and adjust with you.

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I have learned so much from them and this book. The book takes you through a purposeful and systematic approach to help you find your best lifestyle and identify what works for YOU as an individual. There are meal suggestions and recipes as well as easily printable guidelines for shopping. They highlight each nutritional group (fats, carbs, proteins + supplements) and give you succinct guidelines for purchasing and consuming each, with usually a few short key take aways, such as: you really should only use organic peanut butter or how to find a supplement you can trust. They also share which foods are ok to buy conventional while others really should be organic. They talk about the newest information around nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle in ways your MD very well may not be informed. I highly recommend this book as not only your primer and beginning guide to changing your lifestyle, but as a reference manual for continuing your new lifestyle.

Carrie S.

Finally here in writing is what I have been trying to express for years....that we were not created equally and that each of us have to find what works best for our own selves. Thank you Drs. Jacobs for providing this insightful guidebook.

Laura F. Real Estate

After the first few days, admittedly, I wasn't sure, but I trusted them.  Then I hit my stride.  The program simply works.  And now... it's not just the 25 pounds that I lost; I feel amazing.

Mike E. Lawyer
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