People have successfully done this program around the world.
Watch the video below to see how it works.

(As you may notice, the video is from a previous website but the flow and design of the program is the same.)

We designed this online program to meet a demand for access to our unique training and this unique program at times and locations other than our seasonal Charleston events.  For many, this do-it-yourself approach is ideal and affords significant flexibility and convenience.

The online program contains the exact same content and program as the in-class event delivered in this online member portal that trickles videos, content, resources and materials in a structured, timely and convenient manner.

We make every effort to sustain the group environment online with a member-only forum, and you can engage to your heart's content or simply harvest the great insights of other members and the HealthE team.

Access to the program and all materials necessary to complete the program are delivered in as little as 24 hours depending on location... It may take up to 72 hours, or you can arrange the timing, specifically, with us.