Cleanse Questions You Need to Ask… Answered

Cleanse Questions You Need to Ask… Answered

You need to ask these questions… (of our program or any other)

We have had so many questions about detox and cleansing over the years.  While many believe their questions are dumb, we know the only dumb question is the one not asked.  Here are answers to some of the most important questions you probably have or would want to consider.  If you have others, just send us an email and we’ll gladly answer them!

1. How do I know if I need a cleanse?

Check out our Top Ten Signs You Need a Cleanse.  Whether it’s ours or another proven, safe and effective program.

2. Do we eat food?

Food… Yes, absolutely.   (We try not to ask patients to any thing that we would not be willing to do ourselves… so NOT eating is off the table!)

We don’t want you simply to eat to live or, more often, “just get by”, we wan’t you to thrive.  Discovering and eating the right foods for your body is crucial to the success of your program and beyond.  Surprising to most people, it’s not a calorie restrictive program so there’s no reason you’ll end up hungry.  We don’t really endorse deprivation type programs.  Over the 21 days we focus on developing the diet and routines you can take with you anywhere for the rest of your life.  Naturally, that means enjoying delicious foods.

3. Will I be in the bathroom the whole time?

I’ve come to realize the question is a common worry.  And truly, it doesn’t sound like much fun, so I’d want to know too!  We definitely ask people to focus on their water intake, so if you aren’t well hydrated, at first you may find yourself making more frequent trips to the lieu.

The program is not a bowel cleanse in any way.  And honestly, most of those programs sound like a terrible experience.  We don’t give laxatives or digestive stimulants… only clean food and advanced nutrients for supporting optimal (and safe) digestive function.  Despite the abundance of popular internet articles, I don’t think bowel cleanses really deliver what most people are looking for when it comes to detoxing or cleansing.  I feel it’s like cleaning the bathroom in your house when there’s a leak in your roof.  I guess it helps overall but there are bigger issues that you really want to pay attention to.

4. I feel anxious about making changes without knowing if I’ll be successful.

Good.  We think it’s natural for all new cleansers to be a little anxious.  It means you care and realize that there are probably some changes coming.  Change is scary for all of us even if it’s positive, so we walk you through the entire program, step-by-step.  Every single group we’ve ever had over the past 8 years always contains some repeat cleansers because they enjoy it.  There is a lot of support and honestly, after the first few days, maybe a week, you’ll get into your groove and never look back.  Perhaps a little regret might linger as you “wish you had done this years ago!”  (That’s a nod to so many people that have used very similar words.)

5. How do I know if the cleanse will work for me?

We don’t claim to have any magic pills or programs, but overall people feel great on the cleanse.  For some, it is life changing – chronic headaches no more, bowel issues resolve, persistent allergies go away.  For others, the results are more mild, sleep is deeper, skin is clearer and there is a pep in their step.  Although we have hundreds of individual testimonies over the year, we now have the results of a pilot study on our past 2 cleanses.  Thanks to Selina’s research thesis on our Metabolic Cleanse, we now have documented evidence on the physical, mental and emotional benefits of our unique program.

6. I have a social life.  I don’t want to isolate for three weeks. How will I manage?

The first few days present the most common challenge as you begin to figure out and explore your new foods and routines.  Most people actually enjoy the time focused inward for a bit.  But once the 2nd week hits, you’ll find your groove as these challenges fade.  Social engagements can offer a new challenge as you likely have to make new and different choices.  By the 2nd week, people already notice you look and seem different.  They’ll inquire about your secret and want in on it.  At the very least, hopefully, they’ll be proud and supportive of your newly developing lifestyle.  Family and friends may quite likely follow in your footsteps.

7. How is this program different than the hundreds of other detox programs online and in books?

We don’t really know since there is not one unified definition of a cleanse or detox.  Each program will be unique to the practitioner’s viewpoint on health and wellness.  One difference is that we created our program.  It’s not a cookie cutter program from a supplement company, but rather a program based on our combined clinical experience with patients.  We also want the cleanse to become part of your life or at least aspects of it, so we designed it to be balanced and nourishing so that at the end of the 21 days, you can maintain it while continuing to personalize it.  (I expect it’s hard to appreciate without having done the program but it’s a testament that 85% of our clients maintain the program beyond 21 days.)

Additionally, we, a husband and wife team, medically-trained in the use of natural medicine, are available for guided support throughout the program… not many programs can offer that.

8. Why doesn’t the program cost more?

If you are a business person, you may have heard the term, loss leader.  This is something we offer to people not to make money, but as a chance for them to realize how good they can feel and as a way for them to get to know us better.  We create lasting relationships during our programs and love every minute of it!

Weekly classes, online membership portal access, extensive support and resources and all nutrients are included in the program.

Dreams Realized.

The start of a new year is full of cliche but I can’t deny that there’s something special to the energy we feel, the new hope we may enjoy and visions of new opportunity.  We stand on 8 years of experience, success and now research that demonstrates the benefits of our Metabolic Cleanse works.  But, we care more that you are seizing the fresh spirit of the new year to improve your lives whether it’s with us or not.

So, here’s to dreams realized and health optimized in 2015.

 ~ Drs. Sherri and Stockton

Are You Man Enough for the CleanseHere’s a parting question…  I wanted to call it “Am I man enough?” in a not-so-veiled challenge to the guys that simply won’t consider doing a Cleanse.  The pictures with this article are of Scott before and after the Metabolic Cleanse.  As a side, he’s a small business owner, recently engaged and a competitive cyclist along with his otherwise busy life.  He like many of us could argue he doesn’t have time or want to give up his social life or compromise his exercise… or whatever.  The program certainly didn’t get in his way.  While we can only really see it in his face, his experience is typical of the benefits both men and women see at the end of the Metabolic Cleanse.  I apologize for the nature of the challenge, but guys… it’s time for the new look and feel of confidence.