COVID Vaccine and Integrative Therapeutics

COVID Vaccine and Integrative Therapeutics

I hope everyone is safe and healthy!

I would have hoped we would be done making videos and blogs about COVID, but here we are. We get so many questions every day. I wish we had all the answers, but like you, with it’s newness we are learning and navigating it all as well as we can.

Dr. Kennedy and I did a recent Functional Friday video on the vaccine.

Our amazing Intern, Patricia Smith, MD is on her second rotation here at Remedy. She presented a lunch and learn on Integrative Therapeutics for COVID.

Here is the handout she gave all of us directly from The Institute of Functional Medicine. It is a very handy resource. Be sure to review it with your practitioner to make sure it is right for your particular situation.

We will keep navigating these waters together.

Please, take care of yourself and those around you.

Choose health, Live health, Enjoy health.

~Dr. Sherri

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