Creating Health, New Book, A Subaru… and a Cute Man?

Creating Health, New Book, A Subaru… and a Cute Man?

Oooooh, yes… the new year… can you feel it?

I love this time of year because of the collective actions of setting goals and starting a new chapter with hope and enthusiasm.  I am a strong believer in goal setting and visioning for the future and a new year is the perfect opportunity.

I sit down with my girls at the start of every year and we add to our vision books. I have a funny story about that later. Nothing has solidified my faith in the goal setting process like doing a yearly vision book. Looking back over the years at my vision book, I am amazed at the things that have come into my life.  Without the book, I don’t think I would have realized the power of manifestation.

A year before I adopted Koda (one of my dogs and, according to my husband, the one true love of my life) I had cut out a picture of a dog that looked identical to him.  It didn’t occur to me until the following year when I looked back at my book and there he was!

The infrared sauna I wanted for years, the busy and rewarding integrative practice I have, the camping…all in there!  For 2 years, I had a picture of a Subaru car (love this car brand) and a very loved but perfect Subaru Forrester was actually gifted to me last year thanks to my amazing father-in-law… no kidding!

This year I am thrilled to report that the vision of writing my first book has manifested.  We published our first book last month!

I am still waiting on some things like a “worry-free life”.  And, in Jim Carrey fashion, every year I write a very large personal check to myself but it has not (yet) landed in my bank account.  They’re coming.

This year I am writing another check to myself and adding the following to my vision book

1. obtaining a piece of land for rescue animals and to add to our hobby farm
2. starting a non-profit to offer preventative healthcare to the underserved population in the Lowcountry

So, have you ever tried it, vision work or similar?  Got anything good in mind this year?  Or maybe try something new and give it a shot this year.

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So a parting story: I remember the first time my youngest started her book.  She was 3 years old and I set her down with kid scissors, a few magazines and a blank book.  The first picture (below), I kid you not, is clearly of a very handsome young man!  That was the first thing my little one wanted to manifest. Take a look at the picture below.  I crack up every time I think about it! I’m not quite sure how this one’s meant to manifest… I guess we’ll see.

Remember… what you focus on grows so focus on the good stuff.

In health,

~ Dr. Sherri