Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15!


The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has just released an updated shopper’s guide to the dirty dozen and the clean 15. This is a list of 12 foods you ALWAYS need to buy organic and a list of 15 foods you do not have to worry about in a handy printable pocket guide!  This list is for produce only. My rule for other foods is, the higher fat foods, like dairy, eggs,  nuts and meats, need to be organic. We store toxins in our fats cells – so do plants and other animals. The higher the fat content, the higher the pesticide content. I refer back to EWG frequently during the 21 Day Metabolic Cleanse (our next one is July 27th). They are on the forefront of environmental research. For example, they have a huge database called Skin Deep where you can enter the name of your beauty products  and they will give you a safety score. Remember, the skin is the largest organ of elimination and what we put on topically has a significant impact on our overall toxic burden!

In an ideal world we would buy everything organic, however it is not always available or financially practical. The Dirty Dozen/ Clean 15 gives us a guideline to make intelligent health promoting choices!


Join us for the end of the summer 21 Day Metabolic Cleanse July 27th!


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