Dr. Sherri and the Easter Bunny Have it Out

Dr. Sherri and the Easter Bunny Have it Out

The Easter Bunny and I need to talk.

With two young girls, we’re really looking forward to seeing the Easter Bunny at our house.  Last year the girls made a beautiful green leafy salad with various colored carrots and peppers and, of course, topped it with dark chocolate shavings.  Why not, right?… a chocolate salad for the Easter Bunny, brilliant!

So the Easter Bunny is clearly fond of my girls, but she may not be leaving me any chocolate this year.  You see, I happen to have an issue with another of her favorite foods… eggs.  Hear me out.

Eggs have sure endured a fair share of controversy over the years.  The egg has probably been one of the most demonized foods on the planet.  For a time it seemed that the media painted the egg (get it?) as the sole cause of illness.  The innocent egg, that’s been around since the beginning of time, like a Trojan Horse, was the cause of our downfall?  The reasoning for its troubled reputation, seemingly, was that since the yolk contained cholesterol, it must raise cholesterol and therefore was easily central to heart disease.

Now that research is moving us beyond this misguided view, the egg is regaining it’s rightful position.  For many it never fell out of favor but I also realize that there are still some struggling with whether eggs are healthful.  For clarity, what we know is that cholesterol consumed in the diet has little to do with total cholesterol in the body.  Regarding your cholesterol, the egg is not your problem.

In my book, a pastured egg is a perfect combination of healthful protein and fat and a favorite nutrient of mine, choline.  Choline is a cellular nutrient that keeps our brains sharp and functioning.  Choline keeps our cells strong and our immune systems in balance.  **As an aside, I see many folks with impaired ability to produce choline (from their 23andMe tests)… meaning that there are certain folks who genetically don’t make/absorb enough choline and they need to get more from the diet.**

So, why does the Easter Bunny have it in for me?

… because I recommend people ditch eggs all the time.  Again, hear me out.  I have very good reason.

If you know me, you may have guessed… a perfect food for one person doesn’t mean it is perfect for the next person.  Here’s what has happened to the egg.

Unfortunately, the food industry has taken this perfect food, the egg, and processed the life out of it.  It’s dehydrated and powdered, then it finds its way into everything from baked goods and crackers to sauces and pre-made protein drinks.  Most of the time under “hidden” names you’d never recognize. (I think the processed food industry thinks it’s the perfect ingredient, too… wink, sigh.)

Here’s what I see in practice, near daily.  The average person is exposed to copious amounts of processed egg products across the year.  Through a complex but very common set of circumstances, the average person can develop an immune reaction to the processed egg which makes the pastured farm fresh egg problematic as well.  The immune reaction I’m talking about is an IgG delayed reaction, and can be a bugger.  It masquerades as other conditions and is hard to diagnose.

So, as we try to put your unique diet together, we may ask you to skip eggs (in all its forms) for a short period of time.  This is the best way to see if eggs are causing your digestive problems (gas/ bloat, reflux), joint pain, fatigue, skin issues (acne, eczema, psoriasis) or any of a host of insidious complaints.

I think everyone should enjoy farm fresh, pastured eggs.  However, until you go through the process of eliminating and re-introducing this food in a specific way, you really don’t know if this is a perfect food for YOU.

I was able to smooth things over with the Easter bunny by having the Spring Cleanse date start AFTER Easter!  We’ll see if I get chocolate.

So, make a plan to eliminate and then challenge eggs.

For many of us… it’s a life changing experience.

photo credit: JD Hancock via photopin cc