Fascia Fix Food Plan – My New Book

Fascia Fix Food Plan – My New Book

So, what is your creative outlet?  I feel like we all need one… we need a “space” where the world disappears and we get lost in flow.

To this end, if you asked me if I was a creative person, my first response, sadly, would be a fairly quick, “Nope”.  Other than singing Moana songs (out of tune) with my 6 year old, I don’t have a singing voice.  I’m not an artist or a dancer.  I imagine in the kitchen, I can get pretty inspired but it’s somehow different… perhaps my taste buds are creative.  However, when I think of creativity… my passion for health and wellness and the need to share that passion gives rise to a deep drive within…. I’m so glad for this “space” in my life.

I use that energy to develop personalized plans for my clients, write books and develop programs.  So I guess I really like to create, but the process seems more like discovering new and innovative ways of solving puzzles.  I like to figure out how all the missing health pieces fit together.

When I get excited about something, I can’t help but to go “all in” and focus all my energy into researching, reviewing and digesting information… then shaping it into a usable form.  This brings me to my newest ebook, The Fascia Fix Food Plan: Decrease pain, Reduce cellulite, Lower stress and inflammation, Improve muscle mass and performance.

I would say that most of us don’t really understand fascia well enough.  Fascia is the collagen-based connective tissue that covers every muscle, nerve, vessel in your body.  It’s like a web or plastic wrap sheath encasing everything in your body.  To be honest (and a bit graphic) I spent a year in gross anatomy dissection lab moving fascia aside so we could get the “important stuff” underneath.  I had no clue at the time what a wonder fascia proves to be, and current with most models of medicine, we paid it little attention… considering it more of a nuisance than anything.

Now… with 15 years more experience, I’d say this collagen sheath running through our entire body is one of the more integral and important “organs” we have.  Simply put, it affects the function of every structure in your body.  Fascia as a structure should be strong yet remain dynamic and fluid in its movement.  As life happens to us, it can begin to dry out, become restricted and rigid.  This can limit or compromise the appropriate function of every nerve, muscle, vessel, organ and structure in the body.  Cellulite and wrinkles are fairly easily identified symptoms but you can find cardiovascular issues, joint pain, or even anxiety.  It’s influence on overall health is both subtle and dramatic.

When fascia is healthy and fluid, it moves without restriction and allows muscles to expand, joints to move freely, vessels to remain unobstructed, nerve signals to fire appropriately.  When fascia is tight and restricted, we can have chronic muscle and joint pain. Tight fascia constricts around fat cells and creates the cottage cheese appearance of cellulite.  When fascia is restricted chronically, it sends a constant fight or flight signal to the nervous system creating chronic tension and anxiety.  I think we are on a forefront here, revealing a long-overlooked system of the body that has major health implications.

“Re-discovering” fascia and its misunderstood potential reminds me of the rapidly emerging field of epi-genetics.  For many years, while researchers were trying to elucidate the human genome code, they literally coined a term “junk DNA”.  This was the part DNA that seemingly did not matter at all.  Well, the complexities of nature are often greater than we can understand!  This “junk DNA” is at the forefront of genetics and personalized medicine today because it’s where the “good stuff” resides.

Hopefully, you’ll find fascia as intriguing as I do.  Head on over to FasciaFixFoodPlan.com if you’re interested in learning more.

Get your creative on…

~Dr. Sherri


**if you do purchase the ebook, please take a minute to write a review! You cannot imagine how difficult (and important) it is to get reviews. For that matter, anytime you purchase anything from a small business, write a review. Good or bad…the feedback is so important!   AND… We have begun a study on the benefits of this program.  Stay tuned for the results.


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