Fascia Match Made in Heaven: Yoga and Jam Session

Fascia Match Made in Heaven: Yoga and Jam Session

You may know how much I care about fascia but I just can’t get over it. Fascia is essentially our second skin, covering muscles, nerves, joints and organs. It’s located beneath our skin layer, acting as a deeper inner skin layer that weaves throughout the body. I’ve heard it described as Saran Wrap for the the inside of the body.

Fascia acts as a communicator transmitting input from one area to the body to another. If you’ve ever had a great foot massage and your headache clears or your shoulders relax, well that’s at least in part thanks to the complex web of fascia loosening. Your entire body is connected by this fibrous collagen-filled “inner skin”. Tight fascia can cause a myriad of health issues from chronic pain to cellulite. Since I had my surprise baby 17 months ago after focusing on fascial health (and writing a book on it), I continue to think of ways we can promote healthy fascia. Since having a baby, my fascia has not been pleased….awkward nursing positions, little sleep, less exercise and general stress…ugh. So at our new clinic, I am so happy we’re able to offer two things that are amazing for fascia… yoga and infrared sauna! My baby is now at the age where I feel like I can get back to some self care, so please join me this week for a
Vinyasa Flow class with Hillary Sabbato. All levels welcome! I went last week and it was uplifting and inspiring!

It will be every Thursday evening at 6 pm at our new clinic location on Johns Island – Remedy Wellness.

$12 per class or $50 for 5 classes.

Pre-registration is required. I want you to enjoy the feeling of relaxed fascia so we’re offering a Free Sauna Coupon to anyone who comes this week… that’s pretty cool.

If you’re interested, read up more: Fascia and Fertility Blog

See you Thursday,

 ~Dr. Sherri

     and the Team at Remedy Wellness

Fiddle Friday Summer Jam Sessions

Part of our vision at our new clinic, Remedy Wellness, is to create a community atmosphere via workshops, cooking class, yoga… anything that has to do with creating a balance of health and wellness. We are excited to start offering Fiddle Friday Summer Jam Sessions. Music is health. My 8 year old had her first lesson and Jam session last week and we all had a blast. Join us!

When: Fridays 6-7 pm 

Where: Remedy Wellness @ 3423 Maybank Highway, Johns Island, SC 29455

Who: This is for stringed instrument players aged 5-105 years old. Beginner, intermediate and advanced students are welcome to join in the jam let by an amazing teacher and fellow jammer, Pam Wiley!

Come try it out, no commitment, no cost.
We are holding these jam session for the community to get together and grow together playing music. It is a chance to teach, learn and share music!
This will be a fun opportunity for orchestra students who want to continue playing music over the summer to keep up their skills and learn to improvise!

This is also an opportunity for adults in the community to play in a group coffee house type setting!

Private lessons are available from 4-6pm in 30 minute session with Pam, arranged in advance.
RSVP to Shannon.Remedy@gmail.com

Have other ideas for community events? Reach out to us; we would love to hear about them!

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