Fasting Mimicking Diet. Is it Right For YOU?

Fasting Mimicking Diet. Is it Right For YOU?

Fasting might not be right for every person, but for many, it’s an excellent way to reset your metabolism and break free from carbohydrate cravings.  We have been experimenting with ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) here at the office for the past few months and we love how easy it is.  Everything is weighed out, calculated and actually pretty tasty.

I created a video about the Benefits of Fasting.  We have been combining FMD with our fat loss injections for added benefits.  Reach out if you have any questions.
Benefits of Fasting – with Dr. Sherri

And, it just so happens our Functional Friday video this week is all about Sugar!
Functional Fridays: Sugar

ProLon Success Stories:
“I found the ProLon kit to be easy and yummy.  It was great to have five days of not thinking about what to prepare for the special diet I was doing, ProLon lays it all out for you.  I lost some weight and gained the motivation to keep it up!” ~ K. H.

“I enjoyed ProLon so much!  I found the soups and snacks were so satisfying and I could feel my body change.  I wasn’t hungry and felt leaner each day.  I enjoyed the teas and use the ProLon bottle every day and allows me to get more fluids than I ever have.  ProLon reset my appetite and increased my desire for hydration.  I have had two rounds of ProLon and am planning for a third soon.  I also have used the weight loss injections and have experienced increased energy and sustained leanness.” ~ D. N.

“I really liked it and would probably do it again.  I was not hungry and thought all the food provided was pretty tasty for things coming out of packets.  While I think it would be a jumpstart to weight loss, five days is not enough unless it was followed by a more structured plan.  I did feel fabulous and think my body benefited from a food ‘rest’ without being uncomfortably hungry.” ~ P. P.

“Program was excellent.  Food was good.  Loved the olives and kale chips.  Easy to follow.  Had great follow up.  Lost 10lbs. and kickstarted my overall health after vacation.  I plan on doing the program again.” ~ M. S.

Reach out, connect, and in the meantime… take care of yourself.

~Dr. Sherri


Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

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