Functional Fridays: Hair Loss

Functional Fridays: Hair Loss

Happy Friday everyone,

For this Functional Friday video, Dr. Kennedy and I wanted to cover a topic we hear about near daily… hair loss.

Often the case, nothing gets someone into the office faster than when hair starts thinning. It typically happens as we get older but can happen at any phase in life when stress is high, hormones are out of balance or nutrients are not being absorbed by the gut.

Hair (and skin) are an outward manifestation of what is happening deeper in the body and it is often an early sign that something is “off”.

I would love to say I have a solution that works every time but as usual, each person is unique. We do have an algorithm of sorts that we use as a guideline when looking for the underlying cause of thinning hair, and I happen to have a few tricks up my sleeve!

Here is this weeks Functional Friday Video: Managing Hair Loss

And if you missed it, last week’s Functional Friday video by Dr. Kennedy was addressing some ways to monitor your health at home before having a virtual visit. Great information!

Stay healthy and safe.

Drs. Jacobs and Kennedy


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