Functional Fridays: What Really Works

Functional Fridays: What Really Works

Hope everyone is doing well in these strange and challenging times.  We are trying to stay focused on the health of our clients and of our family.  We are continuing our mission of wellness knowing when we foster individual health it flows over to how we treat others and how we treat the environment.

Dr. Shannon Kennedy, MD and I are starting what we call Functional Friday Videos.  We have some interesting conversations about how we care for clients and we are simply turning the camera on and recording our quick conversations on various health topics.

Here is our Intro Video. Expect more great content each Friday 🙂

“Brief conversations between an MD and an ND exploring common health concerns they see in their shared practice.  Find out what really works when you combine 30 years of practice, 2 different models of healthcare and a common goal of optimizing health.”

We are continuing tele-health, but also seeing clients in office.  If you choose an in office visit, we will send you our updated COVID protocol in order to protect you, our staff and our other clients.

Take care of yourself and take care of each other.

~Dr. Sherri

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