Get Charge’d UP – Our New Book

Get Charge’d UP – Our New Book

Since I was little, I have always wanted to write a book. It was not just about having a book with my name on it, but it was Charge UP Ebookabout having something important enough to say. I know in my private practice I can only reach so many people, but with a book, wow, I have the ability to reach and help so many more people! I’ve started several books over the years but always put too much pressure on myself to make sure I was conveying the message I wanted to share. “Was I really giving people valuable information?”, the perfectionist side of my brain would always rear its head.

Finally, I am proud to say our first book is ready! I got out of my own way and focused on my love of books and the message I wanted to share with you. We have been working so hard on this book for the past couple of years. Our goal was to compile our clinical information in a usable, light hearted format and provide you with a wealth of resources. I think we did that!

It was about 5 years ago when I made the switch to digital eBooks. I did it with much hesitation. I am a book lover! I love the feel of them, the smell of them. I will happily let go of a piece of furniture before I let go of one of my beloved books! But, once I started to look at a kindle and realized I had the entire library at my fingertips, I was hooked. One of my favorite parts of looking at eBooks is scrolling through all the reviews. I will spend hours before choosing a book reading all the reviews. I feel like I get an insight into the author and the message before I even start the book.

For my vision to reach more people with this information, I need your help… with reviews! So I’m trying to make this super-easy, and a win-win for all. You know the saying, “If you love it, tell others; if not, tell me.”

  1. I really want you to enjoy this book we created and all of the valuable resources it provides so we priced it at less than $10.
  2. To get the word out, we need help with written online book reviews (and even sharing it within your circles if you like it.)
  3. So… as motivation, if you buy the book and show us you wrote a review on amazon, we will give you a $20 gift certificate to use on anything in our e-store – HealthE-Naturally! Not bad… spend $10 get $20.
  4. If you don’t like the book, just tell me and we’ll get you the gift $20 certificate without a review. (We would simply be happy for any constructive ideas to make it a better resource.

Get a copy of our eBook here: Charge UP by Drs. Jacobs

Thank you for all of your support over the years. Creating a busy practice helping people and getting a book out to the world is a glimpse of me fulfilling a lifelong dream!

Thank you so much for helping with my dream.


CHARGE UP by Drs. Sherri and Stockton Jacobs:

If you are confused about diet and nutrition or are struggling with finding what works for YOUR body, you are in the right place. With a busy practice and over 25 years of combined clinical nutrition experience, Naturopathic Doctors Sherri & Stockton Jacobs will walk you through the steps you can take to find the foods that fuel you. Learn HOW your body works, WHY you feel the way you do and WHAT you can do about it. We will cover topics like whether you should eat animal protein or not and how you can find your “sweet spot” to stop sugar cravings. The book covers everything from optimal timing of foods to finding your secret fat loss formula. Chapters like Fix your Fats, Super Food Shift and Protein Perplexia will keep you engaged in the process of finding what works for your unique biochemistry. The doctors will also reveal their favorite lab tests to help you create an individualized plan for fueling your body, preventing illness and