Gluten Fad or Gluten Free? My Resource Guide is Yours

Gluten Fad or Gluten Free? My Resource Guide is Yours

Gluten Fad or Gluten Free? My Resource Guide is Yours

Gluten free is all the rage right now– ahh, marketing works. But, this time the marketing is not all hype. Gluten intolerance is real. Please don’t fall into the trap of gluten free processed foods. This is where the marketing comes in. Food industry is going to tell you as long as it is gluten free, it is healthy. This reminds me of the vegetarian who thinks just because they don’t eat meat, they are healthier. Well, you can eat corn chips all day long and be a vegetarian– not exactly healthy. So it is one thing to be gluten free, experience health benefits, and make dietary changes towards a whole foods diet low in processed foods. It is another thing to replace all of your gluten staples, bread, pasta, muffins, etc with their gluten free processed counter parts. 

Corn is a very good example. You will start to see more and more people react to corn product because it is the most common substitute in gluten free products. (By the way, corn is also something we take out during the cleanse). This is particularly true for someone who has significant digestive issues. If wheat gluten has caused damage to the gut lining, other grains have the potential to also cause damage.

While you are making the transition to a gluten free diet, some of the substitutes can really be helpful. Please keep in mind the are for a transition period. Use them in moderation.

The Gold standard for identifying gluten sensitivity is the elimination/ challenge diet. However, testing for Celiac as well as other food sensitivities is recommended in certain individuals. I like to couple a Celiac blood panel with a 96 Food Sensitivity panel for a clear picture of which foods are inflammatory for the individual. Both tests can be done at home by a simple finger prick! 

To make things easier for you, I want to share my Gluten Free Resource Guide with you. I want you to read labels, visit websites, look for substitutes. Education is empowerment!  This resource has an extensive list of web resources, books, recipes, reputable food companies, support groups, travel tips, and on… all in one place.  Please use it and share.  

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