To understand how to get the most out of your unique body and find your unique sweet spot of health, you need to understand YOU.  You need a trusted authority to help you understand how your body works, why, and the steps to get past the obstacles to better health.  We’ll assist you in understanding how to eat, exercise, detoxify, and identify which essential lifestyle habits to change to maximize your health and, of course, to enjoy it.

Expert consultation with an authority in Wellness and Prevention.

Expert consultations that focus on YOU… with a simple, “start today” approach to improve your health.  In-depth phone/video consults and advanced laboratory studies guide a program designed for YOU.

Get to know YOU, from the inside out.

We’ll help you understand YOU… from the inside, out.  Specialized labs reveal volumes of insights that are routinely overlooked.  We’ll help you pull out all of the vital information that is simply not revealed by physical exam.   We’ll assist you in understanding how your body works, why, and what you need to do to improve your health.

Anytime you want, anywhere you are.Couple at laptop

HealthE Coaching consultations and programs deliver trusted know-how and personalized recommendations in the comfort of your own home, office or wherever you are… at a time that’s convenient to you.

How to get started.

  • Schedule your visit via phone, email, or online scheduler (contact info. below)
    First Office Appointment: To establish care for the first time.  Please follow bullet points, below.
    Follow-up Appointment: For established clients.
    Free Intro Phone Visit: Dr. Sherri will review her approach. You can decide whether it’s suitable for your needs.
  • Download office forms, complete and fax, or scan and email to HealthE Coaching. Get forms.
  • Get copies of basic screening labs, completed within the last year and fax or email to HealthE Coaching.  Aim to deliver them at least 3 days prior to your visit. (If you do not have recent screening labs, Dr. Sherri may make recommendations in the first visit… there is no need to get them done for the sake of getting them done.)
    Some Basic Screening Labs to provide: CBC, Chem Panel with Lipids, Expanded Thyroid Panel, 25-hydroxy Vitamin D, Ferritin.
  • For phone meetings, be certain to give the best phone number for reaching you at the date and time of your visit.  Please note, cell phones require adequate reception for the duration of the visit.
  • For VSEE video visits, be certain to have VSEE downloaded (free download) and working on your computer and you are familiar with its basic operation prior to the visit.  When you schedule your VSEE appointment, be sure to use the same email address as your VSEE account.  At the date and time of your visit, you will be contacted through VSEE by HealthE Coaching.
  • Additional recommendations: Find an appropriate location for the consultation to limit distractions – pets, children or other individuals in vicinity… televisions, stereos, etc.
  • Additional Lab Screening:  You may be asked to have additional labs done.  Some labs can be completed from the comfort of your home. Some will require an appointment with your doctor or a local lab draw company.
  • Services are not covered by insurance.

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