Discover the HER Program

Functional Internal and Nutritional Medicine: Specializing in Women’s Health and Hormones

Dr. Sherri Jacobs, ND, CNS and Dr. Shannon Kennedy, MD, Internist join forces to bring you the best of functional and conventional medicine.  We take a limited amount of clients each year so that we can focus our efforts and time on YOU.

We see patients together and collaborate on every aspect of healthcare. Here is a list of services offered in the office for our HER members.

  • Annual physical exam
  • Annual GYN exam
  • Annual EKG
  • Detailed conventional and functional labs tailored to your symptoms, goals and history
  • Bio-identical hormones testing, prescribing and monitoring
  • Metabolic assessments
  • Nutrigenomic nutrition plan

We are looking for wellness-focussed, motivated clients that are seeking natural health solutions and long term goals focused on preventative medicine.

This is a cash-based membership program. Labs and imaging have the option of billing through insurance.

We are tired of insurance companies dictating care.

We want to work for you and not work for your insurance company.

Schedule a free 15-minute inquiry appointment with Dr. Sherri to see if it’s the right program for YOU.