Discover the HER Program

Functional Internal and Nutritional Medicine: Specializing in Women’s Health and Hormones

Dr. Sherri Jacobs, ND, CNS and Dr. Shannon Kennedy, MD, Internist join forces to bring you the best of functional and conventional medicine.  We take a limited amount of clients each year so that we can focus our efforts and time on YOU.

Drs. Kennedy and Jacobs see patients together and collaborate on every aspect of your healthcare.  Here is a list of services offered in the office for our HER members.

  • Initial Comprehensive Assessment with Dr. Kennedy and Jacobs team to include physical exam, EKG, metabolic/nutrition assessment, pulmonary function test, breast and pelvic exam and detailed conventional and functional labs.
  • Quarterly visits with MD/ND team to manage medical concerns, continued nutrient assessment and lab review
  • Quarterly Metabolic Assessments via BIA (body fat, muscle mass, bone mass, hydration status, visceral fat and metabolic age)
  • Nutrigenomic (nutrition recommendations related to your genetic make-up) assessment and plan with Dr. Jacobs, ND, CNS
  • Bio-identical hormone testing, monitoring and prescribing
  • Up to four additional sick visits for unexpected illness with ND for natural solutions and MD prescriptions as a back-up, if needed.
  • Annual physician-guided metabolic cleanse as member of group program or online anytime
  • Nutrient injection series (package of 6)
  • Sauna package (6 sessions)
  • Migun Massage Bed (6 sessions)
  • 10% off of dispensary items and free shipping

We are looking for wellness-focussed, motivated clients that are seeking natural health solutions and long term goals focused on preventative medicine.

This is a cash-based membership program.  Labs and imaging may have the option of billing through insurance.

We are tired of insurance companies dictating care. The HER program allows us to work solely for you, not work for your insurance company.

Schedule a free 15-minute inquiry appointment with Dr. Sherri to see if it’s the right program for YOU.

HER Program Pricing:

INDIVIDUAL: Annual Fee, First Year

    • Option 1:
      $2000 initial investment + 3 quarterly installments of $700
    • Option 2:
      $3690, one time investment due at start of service (10% savings of $410)

INDIVIDUAL: Annual Fee, Second Year and beyond

    • Option 1:
      $1600 initial investment+ 3 quarterly installments of $500
    • Option 2:
      $2790, one time investment due at start of service (10% savings of $310)

EXCLUSIONS: Health Care Services Excluded from Annual Service Fees – The Annual Fee covers the cost of the service amenities but does not cover the cost of labs, medications or supplements.