Hyperthermic Conditioning is Here

Hyperthermic Conditioning is Here

It’s Gettin’ Hot in Here!

Let’s talk Heat, Fat Loss, Brain Health, Heart Health and Detox.

For me, this is an exciting time. I can hardly believe the time gone by, but it was about 15 years ago that I had my first clinical introduction to hyperthermic conditioning via infrared sauna therapy. One of my clinical rotations was with Emerald City Clinic in Seattle and the famous, Dr. Molly Linton. I assisted in the 6-week detox portion of the clinic. We utilized various therapies from diet to chelation to sauna and collected pre- and post-provocation studies to confirm detoxification results. It was impressive. Having to learn so much about infrared sauna therapy, walking so many patients through the process and seeing the results, got me hooked. Fast forward a few years to the creation of my own Metabolic Cleanse program (Clean Up) and I was thrilled to be able to offer sauna therapy again by partnering with Seeking Indigo. If you have done my cleanse in the past, you know I was very upfront with my thoughts on additional
therapies… if you want solid, well-researched, clinically-applicable benefits, you get in the sauna…end of story.

I have also been recommending sauna therapy over the years via my genetic nutrition reports. There are certain genetic SNP’s, like MTHFR, APOE, BDNF and CYP’s that have increased benefits from this type of therapy.

Instead of going through the research and benefits with you, I am going to send you to my favorite Hyperthermic Conditioning Sauna Report by Dr. Rhonda Patrick.

All of this info to get to the exciting news….our sauna is up and running and we want you to give it a try!

We have my dream sauna in our brand new clinic, the Sunlighten mPulse offering a variety of all three infrared rays (near-, mid- and far-infrared) for a myriad of therapeutic benefits… all programmable and customizable to your needs.

We are offering a $25 discount on your first sauna session, established patients only (Use coupon code: FIRSTSAUNA). First come, first served… so schedule online below, ASAP. You’ll find pricing and descriptions or the various sessions when scheduling.

And of course, Spring Metabolic Cleanse class date is on the way. Save the dates: April 24th, May 1, May 8th, May 15th. We’ll send more info on that later.

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Introducing Dana Bufalino
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

It all started with a green bean.

When I was 16, I got on a green bean kick, subbing my typical afternoon snack of cheese + crackers for those sweet, crunchy, taste-like-summer beans. Almost immediately, I saw my skin change. My acne diminished, my eyes were clearer and my skin had an unexplainable brightness. I knew I had to get to the root of this phenomenon, so I started researching nutrients in foods. What was in those green beans that made me look and feel so different? It was this epiphany that helped me realize – health (and beauty) truly start on the inside.

After achieving a bachelor’s degree from the College of Charleston in Corporate Communications, I studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, earning a certificate in Integrative Nutrition in 2014.

Taught by many of the most innovative leaders of the holistic nutrition community, including Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. Andrew Weil, my approach to nutrition and holistic living is well-balanced and highly researched. Real food and a balanced lifestyle can foster phenomenal results and I am proud to work daily with people who see these positive changes.

Oftentimes, the simplest theories are the most difficult to implement and what works for some doesn’t work for all. We all have unique bodies and thrive on different foods, nutrients and lifestyle choices. There is no “one size fits all” approach.

That’s why I’m here to help. I’m passionate about making nutrition attainable, budget friendly, convenient and manageable.

My specialties include food sensitivities, migraine, anxiety, eczema, psoriasis, and, as that green bean taught me, eating for natural beauty.

Description of Services:

• nutrition consultation
• treatment for emotional eating
• easy-to-implement meal planning
• recipe

We are ecstatic to have Dana on our team. Make sure you don’t miss out on what she offers.

Portrait of Dana Bufalino

We have more great news coming like skin care classes, professional organizer classes, personal training, Migun massage. I hope to catch up with you soon.

In the meantime, take care of yourself.

Dr. Sherri

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