I Want to Slow Down..Will You Join Me?

I Want to Slow Down..Will You Join Me?


YourDay (not Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, but YourDay) Do you have one?

Do you have a day where you are looking out for you only? Nurturing yourself?

I practice what I preach when it comes to nutrition and wellness except, I really struggle with YourDay! Two kids, back to back patients, my own business…I forget  I have a self most days! I have found with patients and myself—We often need what we are most resistant to!


What are you doing to slow down and nurture yourself?

Are you putting yourself first (you can’t be good to others if you are not good to yourself). We can start putting ourselves first by focusing on the 5 foundations of health—

Here are The  5 foundations of health: Think them over. 

Movement—are you making time for it–everyday?

Clean Food- are you eating to nourish? Fresh, whole foods?

Clean water throughout the day? Enough?

Daily sunshine?

Fresh air? 

I can help you clean up your diet,  order a myriad of nutrition based labs, get you on an a tailored  supplement protocol, and have your energy soar with the cleanse program,  but if you do not take time for YourDay and address the 5 foundations of health, you will always come back to feeling less than healthy.

And who has time to feel less than healthy?

Summer is coming to an end. Fall is here—the perfect time of year to RESET.

I like to start the cleanse program with YourDay. This focus and attention on yourself sets the stage for the next 20 days.

What is it like to have a day completely to yourself—what would you do—what would you not do?

I want to slow down—will you join me?

~Dr. Sherri

Next Group Cleanse starts locally September 26th (or online at your convenience)


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