“I’d Forgotten I Could Feel This Good”

“I’d Forgotten I Could Feel This Good”

We have a full spread in First for Women Magazine, a national magazine on stands, now.  Susan, a dear client of mine, was featured on page 38 and 39.  The topic was fatigue and minerals… please check it out and thank you Susan for sharing your story!  I just want to share this story that reflects how powerful a simple change can be.  Here’s the caveat… the art of healing is finding that simple change for you.  Check out the article, get inspired and find the simple change that you need.

“My turnaround came one day at the gym, when I told a fellow exerciser what I was going through. She suggested I contact Sherri Jacobs, ND, a Naturopathic Doctor with a local practice. I promised I’d make the appointment, and I did, but my heart wasn’t in it. No one else had been able to help me. I figured I was headed for yet another dead end, but Dr. Jacobs was different. She surprised me with her thoroughness and by listening- really listening. After taking a detailed history and doing extensive testing, Dr. Jacobs determined that a zinc deficiency was a key cause of my symptoms.”

Read the rest of the article: First For Women – Zinc And Fatigue

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We had another sold out group for our New Year Cleanse.  So, if you missed it, the next local group will be in the Spring-  we will keep you posted on dates. 🙂

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