If I had to start the aging process all over again, I would….

If I had to start the aging process all over again, I would….

Methylate better…let me explain

Fact: Our genetic material is switched off and on by our environment- the food we eat, the thoughts we think, the air we breathe (this is the study of epigenetics).

The most common change we see scientifically in the genetic sequence of our cells as they respond to our environment (the food we eat, the thoughts we think, the air we breathe) has to do with a chemical group (methyl) and the process of change called methylation.

Interesting part of methylation is newborns show a significantly higher amount of methylation than older people (aged 89-100).  The younger we are, the better we are at methylating.

Research link here: Distinct DNA methylomes of newborns and centenarians


This loss of methylation is associated with increased risk of cancer, infection and diabetes.

Even more interesting (to me) is the main component of a whole foods, hypoallergenic diet, supplements in specific forms and a good cleanse program has to do with giving methyl donors (i.e. Increasing methylation).

Interested in being a better methylator? (i.e..slowing the aging process) It is never too late.

  • Make sure your B-vitamins (particularly folic acid are in their methylated form)
  • Limit exposure to toxins (chemical cleaners, pesticides, processed foods)
  • Support phase II liver detoxification (phase II is where the methylation happens) by living a cleanse style life, green vegetables (especially the cabbage family), clean protein (this refers to high intake of protein, but also absorbing it well)
  • Additionally, you can test your methylation pathways with a simple blood test.

The researcher from the study above summed it up nicely….

Widschwendter, likens the DNA sequence to the genome’s “hardware” and epigenetic changes to its “software,” says that the Esteller team’s study supports earlier research suggesting that “as a function of age and environmental exposure, this software accumulates defects” that can cause “age-related cancer and degenerative diseases.”

Happy Methylating!

~Dr. Sherri


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