Identify Your Food Sensitivities

IgG Food Panel – 96 Foods.

Important Note: We now run this test with the combined IgA Immune Complex results.


Dairy* Fruits Grains/Legumes/Nuts
Casein Apple Almond
Cheese, Cheddar Apricot Amaranth
Cheese, Cottage Banana Barley
Cheese, Mozzarella Blueberry Bean, Kidney
Milk Coconut Bean, Lima
Milk, Goat Cranberry Bean, Pinto
Whey Grape Bean, Soy
Yogurt Grapefruit Bean, String
*Bovine-derived Lemon Buckwheat
unless specified Orange Corn
Papaya Gliadin, Wheat
Peach Gluten, Wheat
Vegetables Pear Hazelnut
Avocado Pineapple Lentil
Beet Plum Oat
Broccoli Raspberry Pea, Green
Cabbage Strawberry Peanut
Carrot Pecan
Cauliflower Meat/Fowl Rice, White
Celery Beef Rye
Cucumber Chicken Sesame Seed
Garlic Egg Whole, Duck Spelt
Lettuce Egg White, Chicken Sunflower Seed
Mushroom Egg Yolk, Chicken Walnut
Olive Lamb Wheat, Whole
Onion Pork
Pepper, Green Bell Turkey
Potato, Sweet
Potato, White Miscellaneous Fish/Crustacea/Mollusk
Pumpkin Cocoa Bean Clam
Radish Coffee Bean Cod
Spinach Honey Crab
Squash, Zucchini Sugar Cane Halibut
Tomato Yeast, Baker’s Lobster
Yeast, Brewer’s Red Snapper

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