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The office is located at the corner of Folly Road and Maybank Highway on James Island.  After turning onto Maybank Highway from Folly Road, take your first right onto Wappoo Creek Drive.  Wappoo Creek Drive veers to the right and then curves to the left. As the road curves left, look for street sign for 109 on the right.  Park in the lot located here and head up the nearby steps.  Continue straight down the walkway to the end where you’ll find Suite #2A directly in front of you.  (It’s a shared space with Remedy Internal Medicine).  If it helps, the office backs up to the traffic light at the intersection of Folly and Maybank.

HealthE Coaching | James Island Location

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Find Parking where you can and head up these stairs.  Continue straight to the back and find our shared office with Remedy Internal Medicine.  Entrance is just to the left.

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Park anywhere in the lot.

HealthE Coaching

James Island Location
109 Wappoo Creek Drive
Suite 2-A
Charleston, SC 29412

Phone: 843.408.0894
Fax: 877-839-9322