Measure Your Metabolic CHARGE

Measure Your Metabolic CHARGE

What’s your CHARGE?

We talk a lot about CHARGE around here.  After on of our recent blogs, many people wanted to know more.  It’s a nifty little acronym to assess how things are working for YOU (diet, lifestyle, perhaps even your relationships or job).

One of the most profound shifts you can make with regards to your health is to become your own health detective, a Health Private Investigator, perhaps.

Simply put, your health is yours and your results are yours.  You need to experience your health with an inquiring mind and without bias.  This is no small task, especially the part about “without bias”.

I can’t tell you how much I loved the days when Snackwells were considered healthy by all the latest research.  I ignored how I felt because my tastebuds were happy and many experts suggested they were the way to go.  It was too good to be true.  I was listening outside my body because I liked what I was hearing, but my body was telling a different story.  We have a favorite, if unprofessional, saying around the office – “How’s It Workin’ For YOU?”  They weren’t working for me.

Perhaps you’ve heard us mention your HIWFY (pronounced “Hiffy”).  In everything you do, ask yourself, “How’s It Working For YOU?”  You’ll be surprised what you can uncover with a few honest answers to this question.  You see, most information we think we know about diet and lifestyle comes from relatively unqualified sources.  Experts come to conclusions in general terms about averages and you are by no means average.  I would offer that you shouldn’t dispel these conclusions outright but don’t be afraid to be the exception to the rule, either.

So, to begin becoming your personal Health P.I. and track your HIWFY, you need a system for making sense of how your diet and lifestyle affect you, a daily routine that helps you identify possible metabolic underperformance or dysfunction.  Greater swings or imbalance in these markers reflect a deficit in metabolic performance.  The implications may not entirely make sense, yet, so I simply ask you to start tracking and know that it should make sense soon.


We’re not emphasizing a focus on details like calories, or grams of protein and carbs, here.  The message, here, is not that you should obsess about food.  What you’re looking to do is record what you eat across a day and begin to correlate your foods with your moods, energy, digestion, cravings, etc…. There is a lot of information that can be uncovered from looking at what you eat daily (and across a week or more) but, more importantly, this exercise is about how YOU feel when you eat what you eat.

As well, there are many different tracking apps and programs out these days.  We like myfitnesspal and mySymptoms.  There’s also the FuelBand and FitBit but regardless of how you track, your goal again, is to associate foods and your metabolic CHARGE (not calories and weight).

Let me know if you solve any of your health mysteries.

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