C.H.A.R.G.E  UP your diet.  Light up your life.


It's time to develop your forever diet by discovering what works for you.  You see, until now, nearly every bit of information you've received about nutrition has come from unqualified sources.  I can confidently say that if you've gotten the information from someone else.  Maybe they're experts or just a colleague at work but they are not YOU.  You are the expert on what your body needs but you haven't been taught how to listen to what it's saying.  You're in luck.  Consider this the essential introductory course to learning your body's language.  This book will help you amp up your Metabolic CHARGE and give you the essential tips, tricks and tactics actual health experts use personally and with their families to navigate life and maintain top form through it all.  CHARGE UP by Drs. Sherri and Stockton Jacobs