Milk: Not Just From Cows Anymore!

Have you been confused by the milk isle in the grocery stores recently? There are a myriad of different types of milk available.

I am going to break it down for you and give you my opinion on the healthiest choices!

First of all, remember variety is KEY! Each type of milk will give you a different nutrient profile, so change it up!

Cow’s milk: We all know it well. In our modern industry, we heat it (killing everything good and bad) and we homogenize it (make the fat uniform). Both practices make milk an unhealthy choice for everyday use. Milk should be in it’s raw state, straight from the farm.

Bottom Line: The milk mustache should be shaved!

Coconut milk: High in medium chain triglycerides ( a unique and healthy fat), coconut milk is a great addition to the diet… rich, creamy and satisfying. High in electrolytes, nutrients and lauric acid (a natural anti-microbial). Always buy coconut milk unsweetened!

Bottom line: Get rid of the cultural unhealthy fear of fat and add coconut milk to your diet!

Goat milk: Many people are sensitive to cow’s milk, but find they can tolerate goat’s milk. It is a good source of protein. Again- use it sparingly and remember like cow’s milk, it is also pasteurized (unless you get it straight from the farm.)

Bottom Line: Give it a try!

Almond milk: My all time favorite. It has a nice nutty flavor and an excellent protein to carbohydrate ratio. High in calcium, Vitamin D, and B-vitamins, and it is hypoallergenic! Mix with some cold-processed whey protein and it makes a perfect snack! Always buy almond milk unsweetened!

Bottom Line: A great addition- one of my favorites!

Rice milk: This is one of my least favorites. It is high in sugar and low in nutrients. It is a hypoalllrgenic milk so most people tolerate it well. I consider this a neutral choice.

Bottom Line: You can skip this milk or use sparingly!

Soymilk: Soy is pretty controversial. Unfortunately, we have a taken an inherently healthy food (in it’s whole, unprocessed form) and processed it to the point that it is no longer healthy. Many people have sensitivities to soy, including soymilk. In general, I have people avoid it altogether.

Bottom Line: Use sparingly or not at all!

What’s in Dr. Sherri’s kitchen?

Raw milk (grass-fed, local), coconut milk and almond milk