Minerals By Your Stove, Sleep And Prescript-Assist…

Minerals By Your Stove, Sleep And Prescript-Assist…

At the end of the day, I have finite energy so if a health tip stresses me out or doesn’t fit my life, it doesn’t last long.  And, I know that’s generally true for my busy clients.  So, I’m always trying to think of simple, enjoyable changes that add to my life and enhance overall health to share with everyone.  Admittedly, I love doing burpees so what fits in my life may not fit yours.

Sea salt is one of those easy, tasty additions.  By now, most of us know sea salt is the less processed, mineral-rich option to table salt, but you can take it up a notch by using a variety of salts.  I am not kidding when I tell you, I literally have 9 different types of sea salts by my stove.  I’d be lying terribly if I postured as a salt connoisseur, pairing my salt flavors with the dishes I am cooking, but I am a health connoisseur and I like to add extra minerals to everything I am cooking.  We get many of our salts like Durango smoked salt, Alaea salt, Hiwa Kai and Sel Gris from Starwest Botanicals.  You can see the mineral rich colors and taste the exotic flavors… yum.

Minerals are so powerful and since minerals are lacking in most American diets, they’re a fairly easy way to make some serious progress.  And, most of the research on benefits from low-sodium diets are coming from data where sodium chloride is consumed in the presence of a low overall mineral diet.  When consuming natural sea salt, you are getting a spectrum of minerals.

Additionally, I keep the mineral rich sea vegetable, kombu, by my stove as well as a way to add minerals to foods.  Here is a video I created years ago: Mineral Rich Kombu.

Update on Prescript-Assist:
We recommend a variety of different probiotics depending on symptoms, but one of our favorites over the years has been Prescript-Assist.  There has been some significant controversy over the past few months about the formulation and distribution.  We try to stay on top of formula changes and any new research regarding supplements, so we pulled Prescript-Assist off our shelf until we felt confident we had all of the information about the new distributor.  I am happy to say, it is back on the shelf! We’ll have it on sale for a bit to celebrate.

Finally, I wanted to share a Joe Rogan podcast about sleep.  No doubt, it’s a bit lengthy but I found it fascinating!

Here are a few gems from that show:

“Sleep is the greatest, legal performance enhancing drug that most people are probably neglecting.”
“One hour of [cell phone] use will delay the onset of melatonin production by about 3 hours and your peak melatonin levels will also be 50% less.”
“Short sleep predicts all cause mortality.”

Ok….I told you this email was full of ramblings. I also guess I just wanted to say hi to everyone, so I hope you find something in it helpful!

~ Dr. Sherri


Photo Credit: Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

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