Mom’s Beauty Secrets Revealed

Mom’s Beauty Secrets Revealed

Some of my local folks have met my mom, Debra.  She’s a huge supporter of ours with a big personality and naturally striking.  She’s not quickly forgotten.

My mom is a healthy, vibrant and vital woman.  Actually, she is one of the most vital people I’ve ever met.  By vital, I mean she has this remarkably strong constitution.  Life certainly throws punches her way… she has days where she doesn’t feel great, but she bounces back in full swing… always… and she carries an inner light and strength with her at all times.  It’s palpable.

My mom has always been a glowing example of what it looks like to age gracefully.  For most of my adult life people have wondered if she’s my sister.  Of course, she loves that!  I don’t think it’s terrible either.

So today I thought I’d share with you some of her beauty secrets.  While I haven’t asked her permission, she tends to be an open book, so here goes.

  1. Exfoliation: Since the skin is the largest organ of detoxification/elimination, exfoliating the top layer of skin is a great idea not only for fresh, glowing skin, but also to keep the pores open, lymph draining and blood circulating to the top layer of skin.  Mom loves to exfoliate.  She uses a dry skin brush, a salt-based body exfoliator in the shower, loves her Clarisonic (she even has one for her feet) and a weekly alpha-hydroxy acid facial peel.  Now, for some this may be a bit too much, but it works for mom, and as you’ll read below, she does everything in a big way. 
  2. Lotions and potions: Mom calls herself the lotion and potion girl and trust me, I’ve seen her bathroom counter and she is.  She loves natural oils and emollient lotions.  She makes sure to apply oils/lotions while she is still damp from the shower so that the skin can soak up all of the moisture.  Her current favorite is a hydrating oil by Suki.
  3. Clean products: over the years, mom has been diligent about reading labels and making sure her lotions and potions are clean… free from pthalates, parabens and other endocrine disruptors.  Years ago, she used a really effective, but quite harsh and toxic popular skin care line.  She was hesitant to change b/c her skin is so pretty.  I can’t imagine who kept convincing her that the change was necessary, :-), but finally, she made the transition to Devita Rx line of face care products and she has never looked back.  Her skin is still beautiful and her insides love her for it.
  4. Supplementation: We have a running joke around our house…. “Is this Debra-sized?”  So mom’s name is Debra and through her actions, she heartedly believes in the saying, “if a little bit’s good, a lot must be better”.  She does everything in a big way.  She plays big… she works big… she thinks big and she takes big supplements.  I don’t mean big in size, I mean big in amount.  Where most folks are conservative with their nutrients, mom is not.  If you tell her 50 mg of 5-HTP might help her sleep, she’ll take 150mg.  While this is not always the safest route, I would say mom gets good results.  She also happens to have someone fairly good at guiding her, :-).  She’s on pretty high does nutrients and quite a few of them.  They work for her.  Her favorites are tryptophan for sleep and relaxation; B-vitamins for energy production; Ubiquinol for healthy aging.
  5. Exercise: No beauty regimen can really work without exercise as a foundation.  I am blessed to have grown up in a house with a mom that treasures exercise… tennis, cardio, weights… bring it on!  Mom, a Financial Advisor, even went through training and taught some yoga classes for a couple of years.
  6. Laughter:  Mom’s a woman of many emotions, which she wears each proudly on her sleeve.  But what she’s really great at is laughing.  In fact, many times we have to ask her to quiet down a bit b/c she laughs so loud sometimes my 3 year old’s ears start to ring!  I can’t think of a better anti-aging strategy than laughter.

I put this list together for you and for me.  I am quite the opposite from my mom… quiet, reserved, forever managing skin issues… so this email reminds me of some steps I should be doing better and more of.  🙂

I would love to say I celebrate my mom, her virtues and her quirks, every single day, but I don’t… I simply forget to be appreciative.  So even though I disdain commercial holidays, I am partial to mother’s day because it reminds me that I need to celebrate her each and every day.  She is the only mom I have and she is amazing at it!

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