Mood and Your Health: It’s all about the aminos..

Finding yourself irritable, anxious, sad, angry too often and without good reason? Amino acids, the building blocks of protein hold the answer to many different mental health issues. Aminos are required for the formation and maintenance of everything from blood, muscle, skin and bone to hormones, enzymes and neurotransmitters.
You have heard me discuss tryptophan for sleep, theanine for anxiety and glutamine for sugar cravings. There are a host of other amino acids that each have a unique role in the production of brain chemicals. In fact, until the invention of prozac in the 80’s, tryptophan was the main treatment for depression. It works well and is incredibly safe.

Whether you are just not feeling like yourself, would like to get more relief from your antidepressant or would like to cut back on your antidepressant, aminos might be your answer.

What aminos are you deficient in?
You can take a simple blood test to find out.

I have a great Mood and Your Health Questionnaire. Send me an email and I will give you a copy.

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