More of Mom’s Beauty Secrets

More of Mom’s Beauty Secrets

Somehow it feels like it was just January, so I can’t believe Spring is here and Mother’s day is this weekend. I love my Mom deeply so this is like a great surprise.

Last year at this same time, I wrote a blog about my lovely Mom and some of the ways she stays beautiful, inside and out.  The blog was a big hit so I wanted to bring the theme back.

The thing about mom’s… they have so much wisdom and love to give.  We just need to slow down and take note.  I would say… try writing about your Mom sometime. (Hey, Mother’s Day is a pretty good day.)  While not everything’s going to make it into a blog, it’s an amazing way to reflect on how wonderful your mom is.

So, here are even more of Mom’s beauty tips, tricks and tactics that I wanted to share.

  1. This last year was a great year for our family, but a stressful year in many ways. My mom, like any of us, has her own way of dealing with stress. She has a few ways that work really well for her but it’s her technique that I think we can all benefit from.  When she’s really stressed, she cleans her house. That’s right. She cleans her house but she does it while she’s listening to motivational seminars. Her personal favorites would be by Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins or Wayne Dyer.  So, here’s what she’s doing.  She’s getting “out of her head” and “into her body” by being active.  No sitting on the couch, no ruminating.  This is important because when stress is bad, we need to prevent any negativity tailspin and overwhelm from thinking too much.  Then with the seminars playing, positive motivations and proactive solutions slowly infiltrate her mind.  When stress is bad, it can be hard to generate your own positivity so she’s got her own little life hack. We call this “Changing the Tape”.  It’s not about avoidance because that doesn’t work; it’s about replacing any corrosive stress chatter that’s “playing in your head” so that you can ultimately find and act on solutions.  This is how Mom does it.  And at the end of the day she has a clean house, a smile and a plan to move forward.
  2. Exercise! Mom has always been active, but the past few years she has re-vamped her tennis career.  She’s a bit competitive, so she loves getting out on the court.  Movement is the number one stress reliever but combining it with a sport (competition) and social interaction (mom loves people) is the perfect beauty enhancing, stress relieving recipe for her.  Of note, there is a lot of interesting research on the health benefits of getting into the zone or Flow… immersing so deeply into an experience that nothing else seems to exist.  The rest of the world falls away.  It happens to athletes, artists, musicians, chess players.  Really anybody can access it as a powerful technique for managing stress.  I think it is so important to find a challenging, skillful activity that you love and can engage with deeply.
  3. Mom is still, and always will be, the lotion and potion girl.  She takes the time to pamper herself with long showers, exfoliation and oils.  She is still using her Clarisonic on her face and she exfoliates her entire body with a korean exfoliating mitt.  If you’ve never used these, you should try them.When I lived in Seattle and Mom visited, we were always sure to visit the Korean day spas. Rooms of steam, salt, cold and hot water plunges, mugwort baths and tea rooms were the setting for a magical day.  We learned about these little mitts there.  At the spa, they offer these amazing exfoliation treatments delivered with these mitts and some really strong hands.  Once every bit of your skin had been exfoliated, they would hose you off and send you back to the water rooms.  Your skin has never, ever felt this soft.  We both keep these mitts around for exfoliation and a reminder of these amazing spas.
  4. Mom is still faithfully using her clean Devita products and her Suki Hydrating Oil. She also started using Suki Facial Lift Ultimate Firming Cream.  It really is amazing.  My skin feels like butter after I use it.  Mom even said to me a few months back, “If you ever send out a blog about my favorite things again, you have to include this!”I’m a bit minimal with lotions compared to Mom and it’s pricey, but I make sure to wash my face whenever I visit.  Wink. Thanks, Mom.  Love you!
  5. Supplements: Mom still takes her B’s and CoQ10 for energy and tryptophan for sleep.  She has recently added one of our favorite foods/supplements to her daily routine, and that’s collagen.  Mom always struggles with her weight and she finds collagen added to her morning and evening tea helps reduce hunger and cravings.  It’s also great for balancing moods, restoring skin integrity, restful sleep and healthy digestion.  We carry and recommend Great Lakes Gelatin for how it’s sourced and produced.
  6. Community: Mom is a social person.  Her community of dear friends keeps her young and vibrant.  She’s a lover of life and a helper to all.  Like me, she’s been blessed to have found her calling in life.  But like all of us, occasionally, life just happens in ways that can knock us of course.  Of recent, she hasn’t able to focus on one of her absolute favorite parts of her business… sharing her expertise and her loving heart with others through workshops.  Well she’s back.  She’s in her element when she’s in front of an audience, connecting with people and sharing her life’s passion.  Re-connecting with that part of her keeps her healthy and young.  To feel that you’re on your life’s course is wonderfully healing.

BTW: Together, Mom and I will be leading a summer workshop series called Health & Wealth – Having It All.  We are combining her expertise in Financial Planning with my expertise in optimizing health.  Stay tuned for dates!

So this weekend (and everyday) let’s take the time to remember how amazing our moms are.  These are a few of my mom’s secrets to her awesomeness.  Mom has a special spirit about her, but like everything, she works at it.  As a mom myself, I love her for what she’s modeled for me and for my two adventurous girls.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.  We love you!

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