My Sweet Renewal Story

My Sweet Renewal Story

Quickly, I want to thank you for being part of what we do.  I’m not sure we take the chance to say thank you enough.  It means so much to us that we’re part of your care team.  Thank you.

Being the new year, I hope you’ll allow me to share a personal story about renewal.  It’s a story I see repeated near daily in my clients and I think it’s right in line with what so many are seeking, personally at this time of year.  And this year… it’s just what I need

For me, there’s such an alluring sense of possibility at the start of a new year.  I’ve never been one to do resolutions but I never overlook the chance to review my HIWFY, either.  Remember,  “How’s It Working For Ya?”  Well, the New Year is the perfect chance to take an honest look.  I want to share with you what I found because I think it will resonate with a great number of my clients.

So you may remember but I’m what I like to call a “sugar people”.

I understand viscerally what it’s like when people say:

“sugar just does something to me.”

“once I have a little bit, it’s like a trigger.”

“I start to think about it all the time.”

In my office I find there are broadly 3 types of reactions that people have to sugar.  There are those people who seemingly care less about sugar.  There are the people who love sugar but can manage their intake (my “sugar people”).  Lastly, there are the people for whom sugar is a powerful drug and the addiction is real.

Easily half of my sugar people wouldn’t know they’re actually sugar people.  If you’re not sure where you stand see if you can imagine yourself doing any of the following.

  • You don’t necessarily eat processed sugar, but you eat carbs all the time… perhaps it’s a handful of dried fruit, loading up on healthy whole grain breads, cereals and pastas.  Basically you don’t over indulge in sweets per se, but you eat a ton of carbs.
  • When you think of smoothies, you think protein shake with mango, pineapple, banana, or fruit juice
  • You think about sugar and carbs, even if you don’t eat them.  They consume your mental energy.
  • You can’t have sugar in the house… period… if it is there you will eat it
  • You can have sugar in the house and likely consume just a bit, but when it’s in the house, you are acutely aware of it. The cookies in the pantry are always “talking” to you.
  • You can’t wait for your glass of wine at 5 o’clock.

While I’m a “sugar people” and always will be, it used to be out of control.  I’d crave sugar desperately.  I knew I couldn’t walk by a “healthy” bakery because I would succumb.  This is embarrassing (and wasteful), but if I had sweets around I’d have to bury them at the bottom of the trash because I couldn’t say “no” on my own.  It was like this for years.

Hope came when I figured out and eliminated the foods that weren’t working for me.  It would be hard to understand unless you’ve done this but my sugar dependency was really just a symptom (that also perpetuated the problem).  When I managed the cause, the cravings simply slipped away.  Not being controlled by sugar was like a new lease on life for me.  Mentally, I felt stronger and in control while physically, I stopped having all of the ups and downs of blood sugar swings.

Honestly, it has been so long since I have considered myself a “sugar people” that I almost forgot about my history.  I guess that’s why I was caught off guard recently when I went to my first-ever cookie swap party.  The party consists of each person bringing 2 dozen homemade holiday cookies and you leave with 2 dozen different homemade cookies.  I think I must have gone to a very nice cookie swap party because every single cookie looked like it was straight from Cake Boss!  More recently, cookies simply don’t tempt me or I might have one and move on but all of these beautiful homemade cookies… I felt obligated to try them… ALL OF THEM.  At least that was my story I told myself.  I’ve eaten more cookies over these holidays than I have over the past 6 years combined!  It did not take me long to remember that yes, indeed, I’m a sugar person and sugar triggers the need/desire for more sugar.  It becomes a vicious cycle.

I want off the roller coaster.  Being a sugar person is no fun.  It is that time of year again to clean up the diet… get off the sugar and rediscover vibrant mental and physical health.  Our Metabolic Cleanse starts January 13th, locally and nationally and I will be participating along with the group this year!

I want you to consider joining me.  It’s a remarkable experience.

Take control back.

~ Dr. Sherri

The first 10 people to reserve a spot will receive free access to roughly $600 of detox services from Frank and Gray throughout the Metabolic Cleanse.  Email us for details.

In 2014 our Metabolic Cleanse, which was built on the backbone of an anti-inflammatory diet, was the platform for a pilot study on the effects of diet and lifestyle on common symptoms.  The participants were an average distribution of individuals representing a variety of conditions, level of health, age and overall wellness backgrounds.  We provided the platform but were not involved in collecting or assessing data.  Check out the significant resolution of symptoms that were measured.

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