No Dairy, No Problem: Grocery Clip & Alternative Dairy Recipes

No Dairy, No Problem: Grocery Clip & Alternative Dairy Recipes

No Dairy, No Problem!

Milk mustache ads got you thinking dairy is the ultimate health food? Well, if you have a dairy sensitivity, it is far from healthy for your metabolism. 

 Why are people sensitive to dairy? Some have trouble with the sugar (lactose) while others can’t tolerate the protein components (casein and/or whey).  

These days, very commonly, people have become sensitive to dairy because of excessive exposure to a highly manipulated product.  It is found in many forms in so many different processed foods. For example, it is high-heated (pasteurized) which changes the structure of the sugars, proteins and the fats, making them hard to digest. Enzymes are destroyed.  Beneficial immune components are gone.  And for many, it is rendered very allergenic.  

Classic signs of dairy sensitivity are: any digestive issues (gas, bloat, constipation, diarrhea, reflux) sinus issues, water retention, post-nasal drip, acne/ psoriasis/ eczema, and seasonal allergies. Many different inflammatory conditions have dairy as a trigger. 

So, dairy is out on the cleanse..only 21 Days, but what is 21 Days when your digestion improves, allergies go away and your skin clears up? 

Suddenly, you may find dairy is not so appealing!

And the good news is–you have 21 Days to explore and find delicious alternatives!

Check out my Dairy video clip from one of my grocery tours and I would like to GIVE you my Alternative Milk Recipes Handout~ enjoy!


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