Prevent the Blues and Weight Gain this Fall/Winter

Prevent the Blues and Weight Gain this Fall/Winter

So, what’s your Fall Prep Plan?

With Labor Day Weekend, the start of school and cooler nights arriving, summer is quickly coming to a close and fall and winter are right around the corner.  While many of us are looking forward to cooler temperatures, the kids getting back to school or breaking out our favorite fuzzy socks, others know that the shorter, darker days may bring some low moods, contribute to weight gain and, let’s face it, some stress through the upcoming holidays.

We know it’s coming, right?  It happens every year.

Well, I’ll concede that fall happens every year but the blues, the stress and the weight gain don’t have to.  Now is the time to get ahead of it all.

And the good news, it doesn’t have to be hard.  Here are a few essential steps.


Be sure to start your day with some early morning sun on your skin.  Even just on your face can help set your circadian rhythm and get your hormones set right for improved mood, energy and sleep.

Whether you live in Seattle or Florida, I’m a big fan of full spectrum lighting in the office and the house.  Especially in the space that you spend most of your daylight hours.  Full spectrum light bulbs make a world of difference in moods and energy.

For those that need it, I advocate for getting a “happy light” (concentrated, full spectrum light box – check out Verilux Happylights).  Turn it on as soon as you crawl out of bed and it’s like a couple shots of espresso.

Regarding light, you also need to get ALL of it out of the bedroom when it’s time to sleep.  Part of the first step in any effort to elevate mood, improve stress, or lose weight is to get deep restorative sleep.


If you’re prone to seasonal blues or weight gain, get your 25-hydroxy vitamin D levels tested.  Optimal systemic vitamin D levels are essential to a happy mood and a healthy body composition (and so much more) and supplementation can be a 10-cent cure when the days are shorter and your levels are low.


If you’re like me, perhaps you’ve enjoyed one too many cookouts or simply lost your health routine this summer and you’re ready to dial it back in a bit!  Fall and winter are times to go within and do some personal “house cleaning”.  The beginning of fall is the perfect time for a reset and head into fall and winter centered and strong.

While we designed our Metabolic Cleanse to be the best (it starts September 10th, locally and nationally – must register to attend), we think it’s important to do some kind of safe, effective cleanse at the change of the seasons.  One that works, is not too extreme and will transition into a better lifestyle for the upcoming fall.  (Many of the warming detox treatments available on the cleanse through Seeking Indigo like the Migun beds, bio-mat and sauna, are perfect ways to transition into the colder days.)

Of note: While our Metabolic Cleanse is not a weight loss program, the average weight loss is 8 pounds in members that have unhealthy weight to lose.  In our view all people need to detox regularly but not all people have weight to lose.  Unlike “quick fix” or deprivation programs, we track body composition so you can see you’re losing the right kind of weight, not just muscle or urine.  Fall Cleanse always sells out so book fast if you want to join us.


Take advantage of smart food choices in the fall (and year-round).  Certain foods are in season for a reason so take advantage of them.  Root vegetables keep us “grounded”, have nutrient profiles to help us prevent colds and give us slow burning carbohydrates which help with serotonin production.  Many winter dishes like slow-cooked soups and stews, contain highly absorbable nutrients, help with digestion, and soothe the gut lining.  Pull out some of your favorite healthy cold weather recipes.


Embrace the seasonal changes to come.  Fall and winter are times to reflect and retreat.  Look forward to the quiet introspection, focus on what really matters to you and what you want most out of your life.


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