Radiation Prevention!

After the tragedy in Japan, everyone is talking about radiation expsoure and what to do in case radiation makes its way to the US. While I am not ready  to comment on using Potassium Iodide- I don’t believe we have enough information at this point and there are potential side effects with the high doses recommended – I would like to comment on dietary ways you can keep yourself safe.

We are often looking at radiation exposure during cancer treatment and ways we can help people recover more quickly. Here are some safe and effective suggestions. Side effects include improved overall health!

*Eat your sea veggies- nori, wakame, kombu, etc.

*Miso soup- made from miso paste- sip throughout the day

*Drink green tea throughout the day and 1 (4-5 oz) glass of red wine per day for antioxidant/ DNA protective effects

*Herbs like Eleuthrococcus, Panax Ginseng, Ashwaganda and Ginkgo biloba help protect cells from radiation exposre

*Chlorella- green algae with numersous detoafication benefits, including helping blood cells recover post radiation exposure (available at Seeking Indigo)

*Bentonite clay internally and in the bath to bind toxins

*Electrolytes are the most important. Radiation disassociates the electrical bonds of atoms and electrolytes will strengthen the bond

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