What Our Clients Say:

It is a blessing to work with people in such a unique way.  Thank you to all that share the work that we do at HealthE Coaching.

Tracie Matthewes

I have been a leader in the fitness industry most of my life. Despite years of exercise & "eating right" I have always struggled with digestive issues. Recently I turned 42 and with a history of colon cancer in my family I decided I had to put more effort into my digestive health. Sherri taught me so many things I can do to get my digestive system working the way it is designed to. With so much information out there it's nice to have someone help you understand what works & why! She doesn't overload my brain & she keeps me from overloading my cabinets with supplements I don't need!

Tracie Matthewes, Long Training Studios
Maimie Ventola

Dr. Sherri is an informed, reasonable voice in the storm of new health and nutrition research. Her sensible approach will calm the most hesitant nonbelievers that they can approach their health concerns without unreasonable, unsustainable heroics. The cleanse is part of what she offers in a naturopathic health approach. It's not the cleanse, fast or colonic of starvation and caustic retaliation of days of yore. It's calming and there is support all along the way. Her support has continued for me long after the cleanse with sensible approaches to incorporating healthy change. You set the level of success. I couldn't recommend her more highly.

Maimie Ventola
Vicki Tatum, DMD, PA

After my family and I worked with Dr. Sherri Jacobs, we totally changed our eating habits. We have found healthier alternatives to our old habits and feel much better! Thanks Sherri!

Vicki Tatum, DMD, PA, Tatum Dentistry
Gail Hardie

You have really started a major health journey for me. I've always stayed on top of nutrition, organic food, etc - however, you have really opened several doors for me. So glad you are a part of my life - you do make it better.

Gail Hardie
Marcelo Hochman, MD

As a surgeon and "conventional doctor" I was hesitant at first to consult with Dr. Jacobs for a longstanding gastrointestinal problem. But, since I had had the ‘million-dollar workup’ without any conclusive findings or suggestions for improving my condition, I felt I needed an alternative view. Dr Jacobs was thorough, informative and provided guidance which led to a return to health after 3 years of problems.I verified her advice through my own searches, she allowed me participate in decision-making and ultimately gave me the information and guidance I needed to get well. I have since recommended her services to a few friends and would do so whole-heartedly to others.

Marcelo Hochman, MD, Surgeon
Liz McNulty

The service Dr. Sherri provides is invaluable. I had spent a lot of time and money with other doctors "band-aiding" my symptoms before I found Dr. Sherri Jacobs. Dr. Sherri's approach is truly holistic, in that, she immediately found and treated the root cause of my health issues. And now with a change in diet and supplements/probiotics to support my system I have a long term, sustainable game plan for true health and vitality. Utilizing the free 15 minute phone consultation and having questions answered quickly over email is the best customer service I've ever experienced in healthcare. Dr. Sherri is now my family practitioner and the preventative measures we've adopted gives me true peace of mind about my family's health.

Liz McNulty, Bowen Therapist
Debra Luhn

I want everyone to know what a great program this is! I have lost 9 pounds and feel great! I never felt hungry and was always satisfied. I will keep this program up. I don't even want sugary foods anymore. What a great experience!

Debra Luhn
Maryellen Gibson

The cleanse has been a tremendous experience for both my husband and myself. Several habits that we thought were inocuious were in fact sabotaging our overall wellbeing. Not only have we both lost weight, we both feel calmer, focused, and more energetic. It has been said that it takes 21 days to establish a new habit and we are excited for the new perspective on our diet.

Maryellen Gibson, The Mindful Body Pilates
Kate Smith

Loved this cleanse :) !! Checked off my list every night...I wasn't terribly unhealthy before but I have loved the break from beer, sugar, quick-fix processed foods, etc. Certainly picked up new habits. And my husband has enjoyed the "challenge" of cooking my meals within the cleanse guidelines. He's the real chef of the house.It's a lifestyle cleanse. Which I like. Never felt locked in, if you know what I mean. My cravings are feeling reset.Cheers and love

Kate Smith, Gaea Yoga
Lorcan Lucey

I became a client of Sherri's in September of 2008 after being told that the medicine's that I was being treated with were not winning against my lung disease. Sherri's approach was to make sure that I was giving my body every chance it had to fight my disease by helping me with my diet. Her approach was gentle, obtainable, and educational. I very easily got off wheat, dairy and soy products and learned to cook new healthy foods. In addition Sherri helped me find and balance what supplements I needed to be adding to my diet. Five months later, my disease is in retreat and I can tell you my work with Sherri has become a life changing relationship.

Lorcan Lucey, Lucey Mortgage
Melissa Kubis

I haven't weighed myself. But I am noticing changes. Big changes! My clothes are geting loser and I can see the difference every morning. My sleep schedule is 11-530am and I am sleeping so soundly. A month ago 8 hra wasn't enough. I have sustainable energy throughout the day. My stress levels are better than before. This last week since my stomach didn't hurt at all. I can't believe it! Normal digestion every morning. No crazy cravings. I have increased my intake of greens. I have added fish oil and Chia seeds and avacado in my Smoothies. And I cook all my meats in high heat oils and usually include anvil oil with apple cider vinegar on salads. Still not enough in fats? Oh and more good news cellulite is less noticeable, I think its going away if that's possible. And I can see my body develop muscle tone. Sherri I am feeling so good. I don't think everything is completely healed but my body is changing and I am starting to feel great, ,energized, and beautiful again. I am so happy with what we have done so far. Just want to say thank you thus far. I am anxious to see if this progress keeps up.

Melissa Kubis
Cate Morse

For the 21-day Detox, I was traveling the entire time (airports, hotels, eating at restaurants, etc) and I was still able to stay on track for every meal, every day. It became almost a mini-challenge with myself to prove that I could do it while I was traveling (which allowed me to take the focus off of the cleanse itself). I planned ahead, packing all of my protein powder, supplements, cayenne pepper, olive oil/apple cider vinegar, dry skin brush and even my measuring cup! I wrote down everything I ate in my journal and was actually more motivated by the fact that I didn't have my scale with me and knew I had to keep myself in check since I didn't have a number every morning to tell me how I was doing. I made sure to take at least 30-60 minutes for myself to relax in some way every day-reading, walking, taking a nap, getting a massage, going for a swim, etc. I lost a solid 5 pounds on the cleanse and I have kept it off (3 weeks post-cleanse) - even after celebrating at the end on my vacation with ice cream and alcohol. Basically, I now believe that traveling/vacation is not an excuse to give up on your healthy goals - if I could do it, anyone can!

Cate Morse
Joan Smith

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting my digestive system on the right track! No conventional doctor has been able to offer the kind of help you have.

Joan Smith
John Penrose

Sherri helped me attack my sugar addiction and adjusted my workout routine which clearly improved my energy and flexibility and enabled me to play some of the best golf of my life. The more I saw a direct correlation between Sherri's program and better golf scores, the easier it was for me to stick with it!

John Penrose
Jessica Morse

I am telling everyone to do the cleanse! I have lost seven pounds and feel great!

Jessica Morse, Bare Beauty