The Best… In You, Of You and For You in 2018

The Best… In You, Of You and For You in 2018

Not sure about you, but I am ready for a brand New Year!

I guess I have come to love the process of our annual renewal. While I feel all the hype around resolutions is over-sold, I can’t deny that there is something special about this time of year. A lot of great things happen around our house in the new year; this year will be no different. But I also need to recognize that 2017 was a challenging year for many! We have seen more patients in the past year with complaints stemming from stress and overwhelm than in recent memory. So on behalf of our wonderful clients, 2018… we welcome you!

I do love the New Year and starting off strong with renewed intentions and goals. If you’ve been with me over the years you know that ever year I sit down with my girls and we pull out our vision books. We review the previous year and start drawing and cutting out pics for the upcoming year. I am always amazed when I look back at previous years and realize what has come to fruition in my life. I also like to review and see what has remained in my vision book and whether it is still part of my life purpose. If it is, I like to contemplate on why I have not reached that goal and what might be holding me back. I get a sense of clarity and purpose as I start off a brand New Year. Now, maintaining that clarity and purpose throughout the year is an entirely different topic and largely a work in progress 🙂 If you’ve never done something like this, I invite you to try it…

Now… for the big reveal… in case you didn’t know, we’re expecting our 3rd child any time in the next few weeks. We are overjoyed and feeling blessed. For us, 2018 will certainly be full of adventure.
We didn’t peak, so we don’t know boy or girl, yet. And, while we don’t expect that our newest “little” will impact our schedule or inconvenience anyone’s care, we also imagine the “unexpected” is part of the joy of raising children. In advance, we thank you for your support.

Here’s a pic of my loves:

In the name of supporting each other…

  • If renewed health goals are in your plan, we want to offer whatever we can to help you get the New Year started off with clarity and purpose. Perhaps you’ll find what you need to get started.
  • You can download FREE copies of our eBooks, Charge UP and The Fascia Fix Food Plan