Think Yourself Thin!

I read a book in the 80’s with this title and since then I have been referring back to it in my lectures. More research has been done since the 80’s about the power of the mind/body connection. For example, one study found when you have 3 groups of people, one group visualizing exercise, one group doing the exercise and one group doing nothing, the groups visualizing and actually performing the exercise will have significant changes in their lean muscle mass over the group not doing anything!
What does this mean? Well we obviously want to physically exercise BUT we also need to visualize a strong, healthy physique. This is a crucial point for women in our society who often feel like they are not thin or fit enough for commercial standards. How many women spend the majority of their time focusing on the negative parts of their bodies? Could we be contributing to our extra body weight by beating ourselves up and always thinking of ourselves as “fat”? What if we changed our way of thinking and visualized a thin, healthy body? Would the power of our minds change our physical appearance? Research seems to think so? What do you think?
Let’s all give it a try..for a healthy body and a healthy mind!
I will be thinking….

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