Tighten Up Reveals: How to Achieve Your Unique Fat Burning Zone for Fast, Sustainable and Near-effortless Fat Loss.

Maybe it's seeing old friends, a vacation to the beach, or it's just time to get back in tune with YOU.  Get Event-ready when the time is NOW.

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  • Lose Fat Not Muscle

    Take caution with programs that help you lose “weight”… that includes muscle.  Fat loss is where it’s at.

  • Say, Goodbye Cravings

    Say, Goodbye Cravings.  Say hello to a new, clean-burning, light and efficient metabolism free from cravings and crashes.

  • Tailor Your Program

    You’re unique and that’s something to love about YOU.  Successful programs need to respect that and adjust with you.

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After the first few days, admittedly, I wasn't sure, but I trusted them.  Then I hit my stride.  The program simply works.  And now... it's not just the 25 pounds that I lost; I feel amazing.

Mike E. Lawyer
Save $50... Tighten UP in 10, NOW... Only $97

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I want everyone to know what a great program this is!  I have lost nine pounds and feel great!  I never felt hungry and was always satisfied.  I will keep this program up.  I don't even want sugurery foods anymore.  What a great experience!  Thanks!

Debra L.

I lost five pounds with Tighten UP and feel better than I have in a couple of years.  The program made me think about what I was eating and gave me strategies to keep my weight down.

Karen B.

Tighten UP is an easy program to follow and everything you need is completely spelled out for you.  I’ve always been a cheater on all diets but when you cheat on this program, the ketone sticks will show it and that really helped keep me honest.  Once I got into Ketosis ("in the pink"), I knew I was burning fat and I wanted to do whatever had to be done to stay in that state.  It certainly made me think twice before I decided to cheat.  I've learned how to shop for groceries [...] and plan my meals so that I can keep from getting hungry and wanting to cheat.  I have learned how to make better choices in the foods I eat and how to eyeball appropriate portion sizes.  This program has given me the tools I needed to lose the weight, and the knowledge I must have to keep it off for the rest of my life!

Meagan S.

Tighten UP has given me back myself.  I was working out like crazy and eating even crazier!  It seemed I didn't know what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat!  Often I would skip meals, only to binge later when the hunger became out of control.  My work-outs suffered because my energy was down and I didn't see any results in the mirror.

Once I started eating from your program, everything turned around.  The convenient and tasty meals are always available when it is time to eat and they satisfied my appetite, both for energy as well as for delicious and beautiful food.  I have learned about portion size, meal timing, and now I feel like I can create meals on my own that will be health conscious and delicious.  Although I was skeptical about the protein drinks, I now look forward to the taste and have worked them in to a great part of my routine.

Wendy B.

Tighten UP helped me on portion control and eliminating poor eating habits due to work schedules.  I use the program for the first three days of each week, then try and "behave" the other four days.  On the scale I am losing three pounds a week.  More importantly I feel better...and more in control.  It has been difficult at times... but now I have a bridge to a healthier lifestyle.

Lorcan L.

Tighten UP has helped me lose 6 pounds, and counting!  Her personalized patient care coupled with Tighten UP have helped me not only lose weight but feel positive while doing it.  Her program has also saved me time and energy.  It's a no-brainer!  Thank you Dr. Jacobs.

Parissa T.