Time for YOU

Time for YOU

I think the bright spot in all of this craziness we are experiencing is watching community come together to offer help and support to one another.  I am in awe of the kindness and generosity I am witnessing. It is shining through all of the fear and uncertainty.

We want to do our part as well.  We have been brainstorming here at the office about ways to contribute.  I know it’s not much, but here goes:

1. We would like to offer free access to our Clean Up Program until April 30th.  While we do have shakes and detox nutrients as part of the program, it can be done without any supplements at all. This is the perfect time to focus on self-care and boosting your immune system.  This clean style approach to diet can be done by the whole family, including kids.  Get the program and the daily approach to well living, here, (without supplements) and simply enter coupon code rediscoverhome.  If you want the cleanse supplements with your program, we’re discounting the program to $195 with coupon code timeforme.

2. Our dispensary is fully open.  As of now, distributors are considered essential in providing necessary nutrients and compounds for health and wellness.  If you reach out ahead of time, you can choose local pick-up or we can drop in the mail to you.  We will cover the shipping cost for everyone.
If ordering online, use the coupon code freeshippy for free shipping until April 30th.

Feel free to email us with your order if that is easier for you. Since so many companies are running short of immune boosting nutrients, email us if you can’t find something.  We have resources and may be able to help.

3. We have been using tele-health services since our practice first opened (hence the E in HealthE Coaching).  I have always enjoyed communicating this way and am very used to it.  The idea may be new for many of you, but I think it’s a golden opportunity to see how effective and simple visits can be when we utilize technology.  For the time-being, we are switching all clients to Tele-health services and offering discounts on our rates.
Every follow-up phone or video consult is now $75 (1/2 hour) until April 30th.

I am getting a lot of email inquiries about nutrients to lower stress/anxiety levels.  Tons of inquires about immune boosting nutrients and clarifications about all of the controversial info surrounding elderberry, vitamin D and C in the media right now.  Many of you want to continue general care.  I know many of you are taking the time to focus on your health while you have the time.  Whatever it is you need, reach out and we can utilize tele-health to see what is right for you as an individual.

4. As we’re offering supplement injections like methyl-B12, Vitamin D and compounds to aid fat loss, the office is teaching patients how to do injections at home.  We don’t want you to miss out on care b/c of isolation.  Reach out to us and we can help you navigate your injection needs.

5. Not everyone wants to get routine screening labs done right now.  Limiting exposures, social distancing, and even lockdowns seem like a new normal but lab companies remain open as essential services and you can continue with your current health needs.  There are many options for home testing where there is no need to walk into a draw center.  There are options for finger prick testing, urine, saliva and stool.  It all depends on what you need to track and measure.  If you are in the mindset to take this time to work on your nutrition and health, now may be the perfect time to have some in home labs drawn.

6. Pavan, our front desk assistant and yogi extraordinaire, is offering her yoga classes live online instead of at the office.  This is a great way to see if yoga is a good fit for you and once we can all be together again, you can jump in for the in person classes at our office.  No charge for the next 3 weeks (donations accepted).   https://www.pavanravisirona.com/

Take care of yourself.
Take care of one another.

~Dr. Sherri

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