“What do the Experts Eat?”, I was recently asked…

“What do the Experts Eat?”, I was recently asked…

It’s been a while but we have been working hard and want to share some updates with you.

Jessica, over at Terra’s Kitchen, has been working on a blog series interviewing nutrition experts about their personal diet and exercise habits.

So I love this idea!  I love the little insights into the personal lives of others educated, trained and working in this or similar fields.

Below is a peak into my life and what works for me.  Thanks Jessica!  I look forward to future interviews from experts and continued learning.

Here is a link to my interview… it’s a pretty quick read.


Some of you will recognize Terra’s Kitchen meal prep service from previous cleanse groups.  It’s one of our favorite meal prep services and they designed specialty meals free of the Sensitive 7 for us.  Anyway, if you’re looking to try a meal prep service, give them a try.

Also, we launched Fascia Fix Food Plan recently and the feedback is coming in.

  • Mamie sees her facial skin retains moisture better and remains dewey even after a night of sleep.
  • Tracey loved learning about the specific nutrients needed for fascia and collagen health from the book and ease of use to get them all in one powder
  • Liz felt great on the program.  She was doing a lot of hiking during these 30 days which she doesn’t normally do and her body recovered so quickly.  She was definitely more calm every morning as well.
  • Andrea reports her nail strength has improved and facial wrinkles and lines appear less prominent in just 30 days!
  • Stephanie says “So, I LOVE your topical collagen lotion! The texture, the slight tint, everything is great and I swear my skin elasticity is improving! You nailed it!




photo credit: wuestenigel Salad with Tomatoes, Cherries, Salami and Cheese via photopin (license)

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