What I Keep In My GoBag

What I Keep In My GoBag

The next in-class Metabolic Cleanse on April 29th, 2015.
I imagine people suspected because we’re already filling up.

So let me start by saying that there are two things my husband, Dr. Stock, can’t stand to hear me say.

#1. “I’m not sure if this is still good.  Will you taste it and let me know?”
#2. “Would you reach in my purse and get…”

He’s pretty clear that my purse scares him a bit. “You never know what you’ll find in there!”  I get it.  With two kids and a fast-paced life you’re bound to find toys, wrappers, some markers without tops, maybe even a half-eaten “something”.  But it’s not all bad; it’s also full of some great, healthy treasures.Here is what I like to keep in my GoBag, otherwise known as my purse:

  1. Tea bags: You never know when tea time will strike.  Personally, with my high-paced life and propensity for anxiety, I love Kava tea.  It’s one of the things I have in my bag of tricks which has an immediate effect on my perception of stress.  Then there’s green tea; it gives me a nice clean boost and the theanine content keeps it a bit calming and soothing.  Then I might have the “just make my water more interesting today” teas in any number of flavors.  We always have tea at the downtown office so stop in and grab some.
  2. Small Altoids box: I buy the small Altoids occasionally, not so much for the mints, but for the super-useful tiny tin that you get.  It’s the perfect size for carrying my midday nutrients… about 4 capsules in a little tin… fun and perfect for me.  If I had a big tin, I’d probably use it for my teabags.
  3. Oregano spray: I love this potent, versatile and nice-smelling spray.  I use it as an anti-microbial spray (like after the gym), air freshener for the car (after soccer practice) or as a clean “bug spray” for the No-see-ums and mosquitos this time of year.  I mentioned it but I really love the smell, too.  So does my husband, who can’t stand most strong smells.  I think we can all agree that anything could improve on the smell of most bug sprays.  (Quick story about how I discovered this:  It was actually my mom who turned me on to it.  If you aren’t familiar with Mom, read this blog: Mom’s Beauty Secrets Revealed.  She is a lotion and potion beauty gal and I love to snoop in her bathroom and try all of her oils, sprays and creams.  I picked this up one day and from the ingredients, assumed it was some kind of skin toner.  I sprayed it all over my face.  Well, big mistake!  Red face and watery eyes for the next hour.  So if you get some, careful around the face and eyes…)
  4. Macadamia nuts: I love these as a quick snack that (kind of) doesn’t really go bad.  They have a great fatty acid profile mixed with complex carbs and protein.  While I can overeat other nuts like almonds and cashews, I find the richness of macadamia nuts is very satisfying and I only need a few.
  5. Liposomal B vitamin spray: this is a new addition.  I love the B-vitamins for managing stress and a bit of restorative energy, but I’m super-picky about the forms of the B’s.  This one gets it right.  I’m also a big fan of using liposamal nutrients which are quickly absorbed by the body and readily available almost immediately.  It’s saves me some days.
  6. I guess my husband would also say I’m known to keep a few wrappers, toys and other stuff too.

I hope you’re well.   Please check in and let me know.

We find that the Metabolic Cleanse fills up faster and faster these days.  So if you’re interested in joining us locally, starting April 29th, you must secure your spot.  If you’re not local, you can join us online/anytime, just make that selection when necessary.

And remember, if you’re a list member with us or a Cleanse “Repeat”, there’s a few ways you can save off the listed price.

photo credit: Green with envy bag via photopin (license)

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