What matters most?

What matters most?

You’re a big rock, and I mean that in the nicest way.

Yesterday, I received an email with a message that I needed to hear and feel you may too.  The deep insights, delivered as a simple metaphor, was from a client who took it up a notch with her personal take.  I simply want to share it with you.

(Forgive me if you’ve heard the setup for this before but give it a chance… the message from her blew me away.)

As the story goes… an expert in time management began filling a medium fish tank with big rocks, asking the audience to tell him when it was full.  

As the rocks brimmed at the top of the tank several members of the audience chimed in.  He promptly reached under the table and began filling the tank with pebbles.  The tank clearly was not full.  The audience, onto him now, sat quietly as he then continued to fill the tank with sand and lastly with water.

So what’s the message, he asked.  “You can always fit more into your life than you think,” offered an audience member.  

“No,” said our expert.  “As in life, you have to fit the Big Rocks in FIRST, or you’ll never get them in.”

So the story goes on as the expert asks,

“What’s important to you?”

“What are the Big Rocks in your life?”

“Prioritize your list.”

In my book, the number one reason we don’t have what we want in our lives is that we don’t really know what we want.  We’ve never defined the Big Rocks in our life.  Then secondly, we sacrifice what we want most in life for what we want now.

We’re leaving all the Big Rocks for last.

My friend and client who sent me this message said during the Cleanse in January she realized, SHE was a Big Rock.  Her tank was full of Big Rocks and blessings but she had left herself outside the tank.  It took deep reflection for her to realize that her “self”, the Biggest Rock of them all, was still on the table.

Her message reminds me I need to reflect similarly and perhaps frequently.  Thank you, Mary.

Now, I offer it to you…  You’re a big rock.

Are you in the tank?

~Dr. Sherri




photo credit: optick via photopin cc